Make The Right Choice with Your Brand! Elect to Use Reusable Bags

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Make the Right Choice This Election Day and Beyond with Reusable Bags

Today is a big day and the decisions you make on this day can have a major impact for years to come. It’s important to fulfill your civic duty and vote. While the midterm elections are in full swing, that isn’t the only matter worthy of your attention. If you haven’t already, today is a great day to elect reusable bags and here’s why.

Understanding the Plastic Problem

Plastic is bad for the planet. We have covered the history of plastic bags and seen how they were introduced into the marketplace with the best of intentions. Plastic bags were a convenience item to carry groceries home, but things have spiraled out of control since these humble beginnings. Single-use plastic bags are seldom recycled, which means they are very likely to end up in landfills or as litter. Each outcome presents different problems.

Plastic never really goes away. So when single-use plastic bags end up in landfills they are there to stay. This abundance of plastic causes landfills to fill up and leaves municipalities in need of a new location to unload trash. Given enough time and exposure to the elements, the single-use bags will break apart into smaller and smaller plastic pieces.

As litter, animals may mistake plastic bags for food. If animals ingest plastic, it can become tangled in their digestive systems and lead to death, or it can create a false sense of feeling full, which can also result in the death of the animal. Studies are poitning to human ingestion of plastic as we consume the fish full of plastic.

Even if not eaten, plastic bags still pose a major risk to animals. If an animal becomes stuck or tangled in single-use plastic bags it can leave the animal unable to find food and fend off predators.

Mismanaging Resources

Single-use plastic bags are also made using nonrenewable resources, such as natural gas and oil. As nonrenewable resources, there is a limited supply. There are enough of these resources to last for many more years, but finding alternatives or making better use of the nonrenewable resources we have ensures we make the best use of our resources.

The Right Candidate for the Job

Reusable grocery bags offer solutions to address each problem presented by single-use plastic bags. The durable construction means these bags can be used over and over again. Given regular use, one reusable bag can do the work of thousands of single-use bags. This reusable nature means fewer disposable plastic bags are used, which means less trash is carted off to landfills and animals are not put at risk.

Custom Construction

Reusable bags can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, jute and even recycled plastics. Each material offers different advantages, but they are all durable and will last for several years. The design can also be altered to fit a specific use. From bags designed to carry wine bottles, or insulated bags that keep frozen items chilled to regular grocery bags, specialized bags make easy work of specific jobs.

Promote Your Brand Effectively with Reusable Bags

All of our reusable bags can also be customized with your company’s branding information. Select the color of the material and send us your custom artwork and we can transform a bag into a visible and effective promotional product that will diligently serve as a reminder of your brand and help spread your branding message to a wider audience.

Get Out and Vote

Now that you have a better understanding of each candidate, who will you vote for this election day? Reusable bags help the planet through reducing trash and can even give new use and purpose to recycled content, making them an excellent option to carry your groceries home from the store. Want to learn more about reusable bags and how they can help the planet and your brand? Get in touch!


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