How to Get the Most Out of Your Money On Certified Reusable Bags

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Want To Get The MOST Out Of Your Money with Certified Reusable Bags?

Certified reusable bags are a great tool to market your brand, are required by law in many cities across the United States and beyond, and can ensure a great return on your marketing investment.

Certified custom reusable bags last for 3-5 years, have a great marketing impact and certainly allow you to get the most out of your marketing or retail budget. From bulk pricing, durability, and the rapport you will establish with your customers you can’t go wrong with your very own custom-designed reusable bag.

Secure a Great Price by Buying in Bulk

When ordering custom bags you will get a better price per bag by ordering large quantities. There is a lot of setup that goes into manufacturing bags to custom specs and printing, so the more bags ordered at once, the more this expense can be spread out and you’ll lock in a lower price per bag when you order a lot of bags.

Before placing your order think about how many bags you’ll need. Are you giving them away at a trade show or other events? Maybe you’ll want to use your custom-made bags as part of a holiday gift to vendors and customers. Are you a retailer facing a bag ban in your area? Take stock and make sure you order plenty of bags to help spread your branding message or meet the requirements of the law because the more you order the better the price.

Custom, Certified Reusable Bags Pay Off for Your Brand

Durable materials and high-quality construction mean our reusable shopping bags will hang in there for the long haul. The longer a branded reusable bag lasts the longer your customers will use it, which means the more exposure they’ll give your brand.

How often the bag is used and how it is cared for will ultimately determine how long your customers use it, but on average reusable bags tend to last anywhere from 3 to 6 years. That means your custom-branded bag will be out there establishing and maintaining your marketing message long after you’ve given them out.

Create a Relationship with Your Customers

ASI studies have shown people who own branded reusable grocery bags are more likely to do business with that brand. This makes sense – the customer is constantly reminded of the brand and the products or services they provide every time they look at their custom reusable bag.

Furthermore, branded reusable bags make a statement about a company’s stance on environmental issues, so like-minded customers are more likely to use the bag, appreciate the brand, and support the company by doing business with them.

Let’s Make Some Bags and Build Your Brand Greener

We have a wide selection of eco-friendly stock designs on certified reusable shopping bags made from recycled content you can choose from. All you need to do is pick the size, colors, and info you want printed and we can make your custom, certified reusable bag a reality.

If you want something a bit more custom we can help with that, too. You can make some tweaks to one of our existing bags or you can create your very own custom, certified reusable bag. We’re here to help every step of the way, so let us know if you have questions or need a quote.


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