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Find Out How You Can Help Reduce Plastic Pollution!

Plastic pollution is a major problem. Litter damages ecosystems, endangers animals, and has an impact on the food chain. There are lots of things you and your business can do to help reduce plastic pollution.

Take our quiz below to find out if you are a Plastic Pollution Fighter and learn how you and your business can help reduce plastic pollution.

The Problem With Plastic Pollution

Pollution in all forms is a problem, but plastic pollution is particularly dangerous because it does not go away.

Biodegradable materials, like paper and organic fibers biodegrade. This means they break apart into the components they are made of in a safe manner. This does not happen with plastic pollution.

When plastic pollution is exposed to the elements it will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, but it is still plastic.

Animals can become stuck or tangled in larger pieces of plastic and they can ingest small pieces.

These can be fatal mistakes that can have larger impacts on entire ecosystems and the food chain. Since humans are at the top of the food chain, this is particularly concerning.

How You Can Help

There are two issues that need to be addressed when it comes to the plastic problem: cleaning up existing litter and preventing new litter, so the problem does not continue to spread.

There are lots of great groups trying to clean up the litter that’s already out there.

You and your business can help by reducing the amount of litter generated. Opting to use reusable products, like reusable grocery bags, is a great way to effectively reduce the amount of plastic trash and litter created.

Why Going Reusable Matters

Reusable products eliminate the need and use of single-use items which are more likely to end up as litter. When people switch to reusable items this can drastically cut down on the amount of plastic pollution generated.

Reusable Shopping Bags Help the Planet and Your Brand

Being a plastic pollution fighter can take many forms and one of those forms can be helping others use less plastic by switching to reusable bags. Creating branded, custom reusable bags not only reduces plastic litter, but it also helps grow your brand.

As your customers carry your branded bags they will position your branding message in front of a wider audience. More people will see your branding message and learn about or be reminded of your business.

Do Your Part

Reducing plastic pollution is something we are very passionate about and this has driven us to help our customers make a difference and become Plastic Pollution Fighters. Are you a Plastic Pollution Fighter?

We create certified reusable bags recognized by CalRecycle, while also holding several distinctions and certifications, including GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001, and FEDEX.

We have been helping our customers create reusable bags that help the planet while also promoting their businesses for over a decade.

We want to help your business! We make it easy to successfully market your business in an eco-friendly and effective way with beautiful bags that can be reused by your clients and prospects.

Let’s get started creating a one-of-a-kind custom reusable bag for your organization.


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