Will In-Person Events Come Back After COVID-19?

An empty expo convention center during COVID-19 lockdown

What Can Your Business Do To Leave An Impression?

One of the many changes to take effect as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was the cancellation or postponement of in-person events. Organizers behind many trade shows and conventions quickly worked to reschedule events or make the events virtual.

Some people are already seeing local events start back up as states open back up. With the right healthy living precautions and PPE for coronavirus, if conference attendees have anything to say about it, never fear that face-to-face events will endure.

Looking at the Stats

A recent study confirms that people prefer in-person events. This data comes from our friends at the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) of which we are a member. They reported on research from a firm called CensusWide on behalf of a Utah-based promotional products distributor.

After surveying people who have attended both in-person and virtual events, a staggering 72% indicated they would rather attend an in-person event. Some of the advantages of in-person events include better communication and networking and higher quality demonstrations and examples.

Make an Impact Either In-Person or From a Distance

A great giveaway for any event, virtual or in-person, is a reusable bag. Bags are like walking billboards and ASI research also shows us that consumers are more likely to do business with an organization that gives them a reusable bag.

For in-person or even virtual events we know how to make the process easy. For your next virtual event, we can help you send a bag to each person on your virtual attendee list.

Save Time and Money

One of the mistakes we see people making when they order their custom reusable bags is not planning ahead enough. When this happens, they do not have the time they need for their bags to be made and to get the best deal.

Planning and ordering further out from your event enables you to take advantage of our custom overseas production facility.

Two Ways to Order

When you are ready to order your custom reusable bags, we offer two ordering options: in-stock and overseas. Our in-stock selection features ready-made bags. You simply select the bag and send us your artwork. This is ideal if you quickly need a smaller quantity of bags.

Our overseas ordering option provides a much greater level of customization and we are able to accommodate much larger orders.

Our overseas production requires a greater turnaround time. However, as long as you order far enough out, our overseas production can save you time and money long-term.

Let’s Work Together

We are making new partnerships each day with organizations like yours from universities to car dealerships and everything in between that are getting back to business.

Custom reusable bags provide a lot of value in terms of brand recognition and ROI. They make great giveaways that can be used for both in-person and virtual events.

Smart marketers know the value of using promotional bags for events.

Moving Forward

In-person events will come back and be a way for people to connect and do business in the future. In the meantime, virtual events will continue to offer a way to stay connected.

We will continue to help our customers create reusable bags that help their businesses and the planet like we’ve been doing for over 10 years.

Shop our full line of reusable bags for your next in-person or virtual event.


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