Girl Scouts Encourage Use of Reusable Shopping Bags

Girl Scouts Encourage Use of Reusable Shopping Bags

Girl Scouts Encourage Use of Reusable Shopping Bags

Leadership Project Rallies Girl Scouts to Green Up Their Community with Reusable Shopping Bags

When Hermosa Beach Girl Scout Troop 3925 was looking for a community project to undertake, they found that they all agreed that disposable plastic bags are causing severe damage to the environment and sustainable options, like reusable shopping bags, are a much better choice.

The Troop spent a year researching the damage that single-use plastic bags cause to the planet, the health risks they pose, and the harm that they cause to animals and began looking into alternative and ecological solutions. The girls were inspired by nearby Manhattan Beach and their recently enacted plastic bag ban and decided to take action as their neighbors did.

Presentation in Support of Reusable Shopping Bags

Through community outreach, surveys, and solid research, the girls learned a great deal about the environment and what the public felt about the topic of disposable, plastic bags. The Girl Scouts met with city leaders in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Surfrider Foundation and local environmentalists.

The girls also collected signatures for a petition to ban disposable plastic bags in Hermosa Beach and spoke at a Chamber of Commerce board meeting where they stole the show with their thorough and insightful research into the negative impact of plastic bags.

Optimistic Eco-Future for Reusable Shopping Bags and More Eco-Initiatives

The Girl Scouts have strongly encouraged the use of sustainable shopping bags, primarily reusable bags as they offer the convenience of allowing shoppers to carry items home from the store without the drawbacks inherent to single-use plastic bags.

As of yet though, there has been no further movement to enact a plastic bag ban in Hermosa Beach. Still, now that Troop 3925 has started the dialog on the topic, they are hoping others will follow their lead and a disposable plastic bag ban can become a reality in their hometown. The girls said they learned a lot about speaking up on issues you believe in and many have said they feel good about the positive change they’ve tried to enact.

We put our hands together for these young women and thank them for the inspirational reminder and actions about reusable shopping bags, and hope that they won’t ever stop creating necessary environmental change in their communities no matter where their lives may take them.




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