How Many Plastic Bags are Saved by Using Reusable Shopping Bag for One Year?

How Many Plastic Bags are Saved by Using One Reusable Bag?

Wondering How Many Single-Use Plastic Bags Are Saved by Using One Reusable Bag?

At this point, everyone knows single-use plastic bags are not great for the environment. They sap non-renewable resources and are very likely to end up as litter which sets off a chain of negative events. The solution to all of the trouble caused by single-use plastic bags is to make the switch to reusable shopping bags.

If you’ve ever wondered how much of an impact you can have by opting for reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags, here’s the answer.

The Negative Impacts of Plastic Bags

Single-use plastic shopping bags provide convenience. But when this convenience is weighed against its negative implications, it’s easy to see why plastic is a detriment and just not the best solution.

Single-Use Plastic Bags Add to Plastic Pollution

Single-use plastic shopping bags are recyclable, but the recycling rates of these bags are very low. Disposable plastic bags are likely to become stuck in recycling processing equipment which is a hassle and slows down the entire operation.

Most recycling facilities refuse to accept them due to the added complication. Since it is hard for most people to recycle single-use plastic bags, they end up in landfills or as litter.

Discarded plastic bags pose a risk to animals and their habitats. Animals may eat the plastic bags mistaking them for food which can lead to serious health problems and even death. When animals become tangled in bags they may be unable to protect and fend for themselves.

These plastic litter complications can have larger impacts beyond wildlife. Studies have shown that plastic litter has an impact on the food chain, so you and your family may end up facing consequences as a result of plastic litter.

Cost of Plastic Cleanup

Cleaning up this mounting litter is necessary, but that carries a hefty price tag because just leaving the litter isn’t an option. Litter is an eyesore that can negatively impact property values, but the trash can also block drainage systems and cause flooding and other problems.

Removing litter is necessary to keep communities beautiful and prevent further problems. However, the cost of this cleanup adds up and can put other improvements out of reach for cash-strapped municipalities.

Reusable Bags and Your Impact

You can have a big impact by switching to reusable shopping bags. There are many estimates as to just how many single-use shopping bags are replaced by using one reusable grocery shopping bag for one year or a lifetime. The estimates range from a savings of 100 bags a year to 700 bags per year. If just one person switches to reusable shopping bags for one year we estimate that 500 single-use plastic shopping bags will be replaced by using just a few reusable grocery shopping bags.

If someone shops for 70 years (from 18 years old until they are 88 years old), they will save 350,000 bags. Additionally, businesses can help too!

Come back for our next post, where we will tell you how many single-use plastic bags one company can eliminate by marketing with reusable bags for just one year! We’ll explore just how big of an impact the companies that work with us are creating on the planet and its people.

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