Spread Your Branding Message with Eco Friendly Jute Bags

Why Your Business Should Consider Marketing with Jute

Have you considered constructing your next custom reusable bag from jute? Seems like the perfect option in this day of eco-friendly business practices right? Since jute is a natural plant fiber it is biodegradable,  it is a great material for promoting your brand without harming the environment. Want to know more about protecting the planet while you build your brand?  Keep reading to learn more about jute and how you can utilize this fantastic plant material to grow and market your brand, business or organization.

A Brief Background on Jute

Jute is a natural plant that grows very well in India and Bangladesh and does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow, making jute a very eco option. All jute really needs to take off and grow great is a lot of water, which makes the rainy seasons in India and Bangladesh ideal growing conditions. The plant grows as a long fiber that is comprised of a mix between cellulose (the main fiber in plants) and lignin (the main fiber is trees). This blend gives the jute plant strength and flexibility that is not found in other natural materials.

Not only does the jute plant grow under very natural and eco conditions, the process of manufacturing the material is very simple, basic and again, free of chemicals. The plant fibers are submerged in water, or retted, and dried before being woven into thread or rope. The resulting textile is very strong and durable, but it still retains its natural, earthy look which is currently very popular with consumers.

How to Use Jute

Jute is a renewable resource that is easy on the environment and is durable enough to make great reusable bags. Since jute has an open weave, items placed in a jute bag will get air and are able to breath, which makes reusable jute bags great for carrying fresh fruits and vegetables. Biodegradable jute bags also have a very distinctive and raw look that sets the tone of your branding message. If you decide to market your brand with a custom jute bag think about imprinting the bag with modern fonts and designs to juxtapose against the natural look of the material, or go with a slightly worn and simple design to complement the look and texture of the material.

Caring for Jute

It is very important to wash your reusable shopping bags and bags made from jute are no exception. Always follow any cleaning instructions that are included with the bag, but if no direction is given you can’t go wrong washing by hand in warm soapy water and line drying. Throwing your jute bag in the washer and dryer may damage the bag and take some time off its life and usefulness.

As a natural fiber jute is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and it makes a great material for custom biodegradable bags. Learn more about how you can create your own custom jute biodegradable totes.


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