Three Ways Businesses Can Stop The Plastic Pollution Madness

Three Ways Businesses Can Stop The Plastic Pollution Madness

Easy Changes to Make a Difference

Plastic pollution is a very real problem. Single-use plastic fulfills an immediate need, but the long-term implications can be devastating. We’ve addressed ways that consumers can work to stop the plastic pollution madness in order to reduce the amount of plastic heading to landfills and ending up as litter. This information is in demand and appears to be a topic people want to learn more about as this post has generated more interest than almost any other post we have ever done. Today we want to address the ways that businesses can make an impact on reducing plastic pollution. If your business is interested in using less plastic then we are here to help. Here are 3 suggestions to help businesses stop the plastic pollution madness.

3 Ways Businesses Can Help Stop Plastic Pollution

1. Revisit Recycling

When the topic turns to using less plastic, most people think they have to go without or find reusable alternatives. While this is a potential solution, and in some instances is a very easy-to-implement solution, recycling is another great option. Recycling keeps trash out of landfills, cuts down on litter, and repurposes items that have fulfilled their usefulness into new and useful items.

Recycling can be tricky. Not everything can be recycled, and not all recycling programs accept all recyclable materials. You may want to do a recycling review and make sure that you are utilizing every avenue to recycle. A recycling review will uncover improvements you can make to your recycling efforts. If you have a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, an annual review could be a part of it. Recycling is an easy way for businesses to go green.

2. Eco-Friendly Marketing

Create totally customized, one-of-a-kind eco-friendly promotional items like reusable bags that are fully customized to your brand and reusable drinkware. Custom promotional products are always there to remind clients about your brand. Each and every time your clients go shopping or take a sip of water or coffee they will think about your brand. These products also put your branding information on display for others to see, so your clients will expand the reach of your brand.

Reusable bags and promotional drinkware—either stainless steel, aluminum, or BPA-free plastic— also reduce the need and use of disposable items, which means less single-use plastic will be used. Eco-friendly marketing can promote your business for months and even years while also reducing litter and trash.

3. Support Causes

Another way you can help is through supporting causes. There are lots of organizations that are doing great work to remove plastic litter from the ocean and improve sustainability. Supporting such organizations enables these groups to continue to do this amazing work. Studies also show consumers like to do business with brands that do social good – even if the cause isn’t a priority for the consumer. Supporting causes can help the environment, reduce litter and endear your brand to your customers.

Make It Happen

Everything you and your business can do to go green makes a difference. Simply by updating your process around recycling, taking your marketing efforts green, or supporting causes you can do your part to reduce plastic pollution. Do you have any tips and tricks to reduce plastic pollution? Let us know! Stay current with more green tips by signing up for our newsletter at the top of this page.



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