Quality and Safety Certified Lead-Free Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing 

Quality and Safety Certified Lead-Free Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing 

Quality and Safety Matters In Your Reusable Bags for Marketing

Reusable bags are tried and true marketing tools that are proven to get your brand noticed effectively. While we pride ourselves on offering reusable bags that can be customized however you’d like, we are also proud that our reusable bags are safe, lead-free, well made, and available at low direct from the factory pricing. Learn how to put our quality and safety-certified reusable bags to work for your brand.

Safely Get Your Brand Noticed

The vehicle you use to convey your branding message also makes a statement about your brand. Utilizing safe materials conveys that your brand is aware, concerned, and conscientious of your customer’s safety and well-being.

Our certified reusable bags comply with several safety protocols, including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, California’s Proposition 65, the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), and Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act (Tippa).

What this means for your brand is that when you order custom reusable products from us, the products you receive are safe for your customers and the planet.

Our factory also operates in an ethical and socially compliant manner. Our workers enjoy their fundamental rights, such as a safe environment and reasonable hours, as well as no child labor. These are traits that add to the value of your custom marketing tool.

By creating customized reusable bags that are quality and safety certified, you can promote your brand without causing any negative impact on your customers, the planet, or humankind as a whole.

Durability Delivers a Great Return on Your Marketing Investment

Quality construction means your customized reusable bags can be used again and again. This benefits your brand because it will get your marketing message out there and seen each time it is used.

The constant repetition will serve as a reminder of your brand and the services or products you offer not just to your customers but also to everyone whose path they cross while carrying your branded bag.

You also want your reusable bag to stand up to regular use because the item represents your brand. High-quality, certified reusable bags stand up to wear and tear and instill faith and confidence in your brand.

When several styles of our bags were put up to various challenges and tests for capacity, mass per area, clean-ability and safety, they passed each test. To learn more about how our reusable bags performed under various safety and quality tests check out this report.

Ultimately, this means you can be confident your custom reusable shopping bags will hang in there whether they’re used to carry home a couple of odds and ends from work or the gym or a large holiday meal with all the fixings.

Factory Direct Pricing Ensures the Best Value for Your Marketing Budget

We have a direct relationship with our factory. This means that when you place an order with us, we relay that info to our factory. There are no intermediaries who pass your order along to other intermediaries until, eventually, your order arrives at a factory.

Every time another middleman handles an order, a markup is added. There is also an increased risk of errors being introduced to the order if passed around. Given that we work directly with our factory, this means there are no additional markups or danger, or miscommunication.

Our direct relationship with our factory also gives us greater flexibility in terms of design. If you want to alter the design of any of our bags, we can do that all direct from the factory pricing.

Certified Quality and Safety for Your Custom Reusable Bags

Our reusable bags are safe for the planet and your customers and provide value while increasing your brand’s awareness.

If you want a quote for a specific bag, you can request a custom quote directly from any product page, or you can build your own bag and request a quote in our super simple 4-step process.

Do you have questions about the process or pricing, or anything else? Get in touch, and we’ll help you out.


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