Earth Day Eco-Special Means Big Savings On Your Eco-Marketing

Did You Know Your Marketing Can Help The Planet This Earth Day and Beyond?

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve decided to offer a great eco-special on one of our most popular reusable bags. All you need to do is place an order on our reusable tsunami bag between April 5 through April 29 and you can secure end column pricing.

Reusable Tsunami Bags Pack a Punch

A generous size of 13” x 15” x 10” makes our reusable tsunami bags a great size. They’re big enough to carry groceries home from the store without weighing your customers down. The dual handles are long enough for your customers to comfortably wear the bag over their shoulder.

Made from laminated recycled material, these bags will live up to your brand’s green goals, while also delivering years of use. The longer a reusable bag lasts the more exposure it will give your brand. This really makes your marketing dollar stretch.

Get a Great Earth Day Deal with End Column Pricing

Typically, in order to get the best price per bag, you need to order a large quantity. This makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint because the amount of set up work is the same whether customizing 100 bags or 5,000 bags. End column pricing is the price assigned to the highest quantity possible, which means it is the lowest price per bag.

As part of our Earth Day special, we are giving you end column pricing on any quantity! The fine print: there is a 250 bag minimum. This means that you can order a low quantity, but pay the same price per bag as if you doubled or tripled your quantity.

Through April 29 when you place an order for our reusable tsunami bag, you can secure the super low price of $1.37 per bag. This price also includes a free one color imprint.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you possibly need another reason to place an order during the month of April, we have something to interest you. We have partnered with Treecycler for our Plant for the Planet Earth Day promotion. If you order any of our eco-friendly products, like our reusable tsunami bag, we will send you a code. You can use this code to have a tree planted in your name in the location of your choosing by working with Treecycler.


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