7 Habits Of A Purpose Driven Leader 

How to Help the Environments and Your Brand

5 Part Series on The Purpose Driven Business: Part 4 – 7 Ways to Be A Purpose Driven Leader

Having a defined purpose for your business is great, but in order to rally your employees around this purpose and leverage your brand to do good you need strong leadership. We’ve been looking at purpose driven business from a variety of angles as part of a 5 part series. In this post, I want to focus on the importance of the purpose driven leader.

Purpose Driven Leaders Bring a Vision to Life

Leadership sets the tone for your business. If your company has clearly defined goals and a purpose you need a good leadership team to convey these values to their teams and implement your brand’s vision at every level. A good leader will identify individual’s strengths and put them in roles to maximize their abilities and passions. Here are seven ways to be a purpose driven leader.

  1. Gauge Employee Engagement. Talk to your team about what they do and listen to answers that revolve around your brand’s purpose. Determine which employees are engaged with the brand and the purpose and look for what sets them apart. Ultimately, you want to see if it is possible to replicate their engagement with their colleagues.
  2. Look for Examples of Your Brand’s Purpose in Action. Ask team members to give examples and when they have seen the brand’s mission in practice.
  3. Identify Team Member’s Strengths. Once you know what your colleagues are good at give them the chance to play up these abilities to fulfill your brand’s purpose.
  4. Get Your Customer’s Input. Ask your customers if they know your company’s purpose. Their answers will determine how effective your brand has communicated your purpose.
  5. Look to the Future. What is your company’s long-term plan and how will this impact your purpose? If your company is expanding into new markets or diversifying your offerings make sure these changes are implemented while integrating your brand’s purpose.
  6. Reexamine Your Goals. Look at all of your goals and ask yourself if these objectives serve your purpose. If your goals line up with your brand’s purpose they are worth pursuing. If your goals no longer serve your purpose, customers or shareholders it may be worth creating new goals.
  7. Size Up Your Competition. Measure your company against others in your industry. What do your competitors do better? What do you do better? This will allow you to identify areas in which your company really delivers and where there is room for improvement.

Purpose Driven Leaders Drive Talent and Help Fulfill Purpose

Purpose driven leaders work with their teams to put employees in a position to maximize their talents and abilities, while also contributing to the success of the company and helping to fulfill the brand’s purpose.

Are there any methods you use to be a purpose driven leader that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments.

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