This Earth Day Plant for the Planet with Treecycler and Factory Direct Promos!

Earth Day 20016 promotion for Plant for the Planet with Treecycler

Plant with Factory Direct Promos and Treecycler for Earth Day 2016!

We get pretty excited about Earth Day at Factory Direct Promos (FDP) so in honor of this occasion we decided to do something really special. We also wanted to include you in on the action so we have partnered with Treecycler to Plant for the Planet this Earth Day and beyond to help get some trees planted. It seemed like a fitting idea.

Here’s how it works: place an order on any of our products during the month of April and we’ll send you a digital code. You can then go to Treecycler’s site, input the code we give you and have a tree planted in your name or your business’ name in a participating worldwide reforestation project.

The Benefits of Planting Trees

Aside from being beautiful to look at, trees serve many important purposes. Like all plants, trees convert carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. Trees also improve water quality and reduce soil corrosion.

Some trees also produce food, and they can be harvested for lumber and paper products. Mature trees improve real estate values and are important parts of eco systems. They provide shade and help cool the planet. For all of these reasons and more, trees are a very valuable resource. It is so important to responsibly manage this resource and plant more trees.

Why Treecycler?

Treecycler is an organization with some pretty lofty goals and what’s impressive it that they are reaching these goals. The company started with the idea that some good could come from mail and packaging. The plan was to offset the materials used in packaging and mailings by planting trees.

Treecycler is investing in our shared future by encouraging sustainable practices. We completely agree with Treecycler’s belief system. It is necessary to use resources, but it is important to responsibly manage those resources and when possible replenish resources.

Place an Order and Plant a Tree for Earth Day

We are really happy to work with Treecycler, so happy we want to loop you in, too. All you need to do to Plant for the Planet is place an order on any of our eco-friendly promotional products during the month of April.

Once you place your order, we’ll get your code out to you and you can decide where to plant your tree. We have a wide selection of gear from bags to pens, lanyards, mugs and more. Everything we offer is customizable. If you have a vision we can bring that to life. If you have questions about the products or the process please get in touch and we’ll help you out.


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