A Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life

Living an Eco-Friendly Life with Ideas Like Eco-Friendly Bags

Better Our Planet by Traveling Down the Path to Living an Eco-Friendly Life!

It’s our commitment that our customers live and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. We primarily do this by focusing on the day-to-day benefits of eco-friendly bags and the various customizable options we offer. Replacing single-use plastic bags with a reusable option is an essential step that can be taken by anybody, but that’s not to say there aren’t others that can be taken.

Become aware of how your choices can affect the environment. Comparing reusable bags to plastic bags is a good place to start, but don’t stop there. Let’s explore why being eco-friendly is important, how you can get started, and how to grow with this lifestyle change.

The Importance of Being Eco-Friendly, Explained

Pay attention to your habits; whether it’s running the water while you brush your teeth, leaving your bedroom light on while you are out of the room, or using single-use plastic bags on a daily basis. If you aren’t sure when to start, why not today? Be aware of your ecological footprint and determine a plan of action to lessen it in areas that can be easily supplemented with a green option.

Lifestyle Changes That Make a Difference

Where should we start? Quite frankly, it varies from person to person. There is added value in being aware of your routine, but general tips have their place too. Here are three to keep in mind:

  1. Up Your Recycling

    The next time you go to throw away the foil you heated your leftovers on or the bottle cap from your favorite drink, stop and ask yourself if it can be recycled. To become more efficient with recycling, think about the “1245” rule. In other words, if there’s a 1, 2, 4, or 5 inside the recycling sign on the object you’re about to throw away, set it aside for recycling.

    This will help you develop stronger recycling habits and begin to realize more than just aluminum cans can be recycled. When following the “1245” rule, you will notice you can recycle items such as:

    • Peanut butter jars
    • Butter tubs
    • Yogurt containers
    • Motor oil bottles

    When materials like these are kept out of landfills, they’re given a new purpose and prevent the development of unnecessary plastics.

  2. Make It Routine

    The benefits of bringing a bit of eco-friendliness into your daily life are amplified when it becomes natural routine. Going green by using eco-friendly bags for daily, weekly or bi-weekly activities like grocery shopping, going to the gym, or going to work helps make it part of your lifestyle.

  3. Cut Down on Utility Consumption at Home

    General wastefulness at home might not seem like the biggest financial burden. However, it’s important to consider that these are things that have been costing you money for a long time. It may have begun the day that you started paying your own bills. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) energy-related emissions will increase 70 percent by 2050 if we continue down this path. Lights left on in the bedroom while you lounge in the living room, an air conditioner being used while the window is cracked, and the thermostat left at 70 degrees while you’re at work are all common examples of wasting energy. When they are cut out, being eco-friendly becomes exponentially easier.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to take the next step. As the ball gets rolling, dive right in and disseminate the process amongst your circle. Being eco-friendly means being both creative and resourceful, while keeping the environment and human safety in mind. What will you do today? Can you start by making a commitment to use eco-friendly bags?

Are you eager to get started? Customize a reusable bag for your brand, retail outlet, trade show, event or cause, right on our website, or contact us for assistance throughout the process.


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