Bag Ban in Coral Gables…What Your Business Needs to Know

Coral Gables Plastic Bag Ban

What Your Business Needs to Know About the Plastic Bag Ban in Coral Gables

The Coral Gables plastic bag ban is good news for the environment, and it is also good news for marketing businesses. Disposable plastic bags became popular due to their lightweight construction, but there are a lot of environmental trade offs. These single-use bags are made from nonrenewable resources, they are exceedingly difficult and costly to recycle and are very likely to end up as litter. Plastic bag bans put an end to all of these negative impacts, while also creating an opportunity for your business to help your clients as you promote your brand.

First, know that the bag ban is now in full effect with a one-year implementation program that includes education for retailers and consumers, as well as the opportunity for retailers to use their existing inventory of single-use plastic bags. There seems to be a genuine desire by the city of Coral Gables to help both retailers and consumers become educated and excited about the ban. Retailers are strongly encouraged to educate their employees to promote reusable bags and post signs to educate consumers about the ban.

The Details of Coral Gables’ Plastic Bag Ban

Disposable plastic bags are now prohibited at retail establishments and special events throughout the city of Coral Gables. Retail establishments are defined as any ‘supermarket, convenience store, shop, service station, restaurant, farmers’ market vendor, and any other sales outlet where a customer can purchase goods.

The law outlines a warning system for violations of the ban, starting with a warning and escalating to fines for continued failure to comply with the ban. The warnings and fines are effective immediately for special events, but fines will not be levied against retail businesses for the first year. Fines for Coral Gables Bag Ban

Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Bags

The city of Coral Gables really has a desire to protect their city and consumers with this ban. The goal of the ban is to replace disposable plastic bags with reusable or recyclable paper alternatives for the good of citizens, the environment and wildlife. If you have not read the ordinance, you can do so by visiting the City of Coral Gables website HERE.

Details on why Coral Gables implemented a ban on plastic bags

Retail establishments can provide recyclable paper bags for free, or for a 10-cent fee. Retailers may keep any fees collected to offset the price of providing a reusable bag. Retailers are encouraged to support the use of reusable bags, and it is even suggested that retailers hang signs promoting the use of reusable bags.

Coral Gables did this ban properly and according to the ordinance, “collaborated with the business community including the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Coral Gables Business Improvement District, University of Miami, and others in the development of the proposed Ordinance, including discussions on the potential impacts to businesses, educating businesses on the benefits of the Ordinance and on potential alternative products, and incorporating accommodations as necessary and appropriate.”

According to the Ordinance, the education campaign may include: “community meetings, workshops, green products expos, the use of social media, citywide newsletters, programming on Coral Gables T.V., printed informational materials, email blasts to members of the Chamber and/or BID, website, resident letters and/or emails and mail inserts. New businesses will be informed about ordinance through the business tax license application process. After the conclusion of the educational campaign, the City will continue to make the Ordinance known to special event permittees and retail establishments within the City.”

Coral Gables plastic bag ban

Coral Gables Plastic Bag Ban Will Build Momentum and Encourage the Use of Reusable Bags Throughout Florida

Now you may be wondering how Coral Gables was able to implement a bag ban since the State of Florida banned bag bans. Well the City was a party in a lawsuit with the State of Florida, the Florida Retail Federation and Super Progreso in which the Court held that Sections 403.708(9) and 403.7033, F.S., relating to plastic bags and packaging, are unconstitutional. This paved the way for bag bans in Florida.

With single-use plastic bags no longer available, there will be an increased demand for reusable shopping bags in Coral Gables. Many other Florida communities have expressed interest in passing plastic bag bans of their own, so it is likely there will be a greater need for reusable bags throughout the entire state.

Create Custom Reusable Bags at Factory Direct Pricing

Reusable bags make excellent marketing tools when you customize the look to include your branding information. The durable construction of reusable bags means they typically last for several years under regular use. The reusable nature is handy, because the more your custom branded bag is use the more it will increase your brand’s awareness and visibility.

There are a variety of materials to choose from when creating your custom reusable bags, so think it over and pick the fabric that is the best fit for your brand. In addition to increasing the reach of your marketing message, reusable bags can also help your bottom line.

A well designed reusable bag is always a good marketing investment, but if you do business in Coral Gables you can really get the most out of your marketing budget when you promote your brand with custom reusable bags.

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