Here’s How to Put the NY Bag Ban to Work for Your Business

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5 Ways NY Marketers Can Benefit From the New York Bag Ban

On March 1, 2020, single-use plastic bags will be banned throughout New York, making this the second state to implement a bag ban. We have been tracking the bag ban movement for a long time now. You can see a map of all the plastic bag bans in the U.S. that we maintain if you want to learn more about the bag ban movement as a whole. Disposable plastic bag bans are a big change for shoppers and retailers alike. This change also presents a unique way for businesses to promote their brands. Here are 5 ways your business can benefit from the New York bag ban.

New York State-Wide Bag Ban

New York was a relative late-comer to the bag ban movement, but they quickly established themselves as a leader when they became the second state to pass and now implement a ban on single-use plastic bags. We have covered the history of the NY bag ban before, but now we want to look ahead to what the New York bag ban means for marketers.

There is great marketing ROI to be had in reusable grocery bags. You can turn your customers into walking billboards and brand advocates out of your prospects, employees, and customers. Marketing with reusable bags works.

1. Get Reusable Shopping Bags and YOUR Brand Into Shoppers’ Hands

Custom reusable bags work like mobile signs, so your customers can promote your brand while doing their shopping. Bag bans are a GREAT chance to make New York shoppers walking billboards and brand advocates for your brand. You can even cut the cost and partner with your favorite retailer and offer to create co-branded bags. Don’t forget that you can utilize your reusable bags at trade shows and other events. Consider sending out an email blast offering a free bag to current customers and prospects.

2. Help Quell The Chaos

There is a lot of confusion for both retailers and shoppers when it comes to the New York State bag ban. Information about the ban was not clearly communicated which led to some confusion. You can help shoppers to understand what all of the new laws are and how they may pertain to them. You can find lots of information to utilize from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. You can post about the bag ban and share images of your custom bags on social media to increase awareness. Print pertinent information about the New York bag ban on your custom reusable bags. Make sure when you are sharing your initiative on social media to use the hashtag #BYOBagNY. You can also create a blog post and send helpful information out in an email newsletter.

3. Get Creative

You want to create bags that will become NY shoppers’ favorites because the more shoppers like your bags, the more shoppers will use your bags, and the more exposure your brand will receive. Your reusable bags do not have to be boring. You can create anything you can dream up. You can buy full custom, full-color reusable bags. Think about creating a different bag to offer for each season to routinely introduce new designs. You can even create promotional bags for special offers, events, product launches, and celebrations. Explore different options like folding totes, jute, cotton and more to find the perfect style of bag for your customers. For help understanding the different types of reusable bag materials, feel free to reach out to us directly.

4. Lend a Helping Hand

Make a statement while doing some good. Donate your custom reusable bags to your community in-need. Contact local shelters and offer to donate. You can also create care packages placed inside of your branded bags to learn a lasting and memorable impression. Then share the good news on social media, contact your local media with the news, and send out a press release.

5. Don’t Forget Your Employees

You can even give each of your employees a free reusable shopping bag…or more. Offering a much needed promotional item to your employees will help strengthen and increase employee loyalty. As your employees use your branded reusable bags they will also promote and endorse your brand to everyone they encounter.

Grow Your Business

When a single-use bag ban goes into effect it creates a need for reusable shopping bags. A lot of New York marketers have been reaching out in droves asking about how to buy reusable and paper bags that they need. We are happy to help retailers understand how easy the process really is when you work with Factory Direct Promos.

We can create ANY kind of reusable bag you desire, as well as Kraft paper bags to help you serve your customers while also promoting your business. We are ISO certified and our bags are certified reusable, so they are built to last and provide lots of impressions of your brand. We have been based in the U.S. for over 10 years with a factory in China. We make it affordable and easy to get the right, customized bags for your business in New York or anywhere!

Make Sure You’re Ready for the New York Bag Ban

Your customers in New York need reusable bags, so you are helping them by providing them with custom reusable bags. Shop the best certified reusable bags for marketing now and get the help you need to create the perfect custom reusable bags to help put your organization in the hands of your prospects to propel your brand beyond your competitors.


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