Bag Fabric Types? Here Are Your Options

A spectrum of colorful fabric types for custom reusable shopping bag

Need Help Choosing Fabric for Your Custom Shopping Bags? Understanding The Different Bag Fabric Types, Will Help Making the Right Call Easier

Designing your completely custom shopping bags seems like a big task. Lots of decisions need to be made, like what fabric to use, and knowing where to even start can be a challenge. We understand how imposing this can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you choose the right fabric for your custom shopping bags. Learn more about the options available and find out how we have simplified the design process.

Know What You Need

There are lots of factors to consider when designing your custom shopping bags and considering the right fabric. The printing options and fabric colors available, as well as durability and price point all need to be considered in order to choose on the right fabric. Our team is available to help answer questions at any time, so you can better understand your options.


RPET is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an eco-friendly fabric. This durable material stands up to regular use and will faithfully promote your brand for a long time. This material can also be recycled when the time comes.


When it comes to polypropylene you have two choices: woven polypropylene and nonwoven polypropylene. Woven polypropylene is a great option for custom shopping bags because it is so incredibly durable. Woven polypropylene is also made from recycled plastic content, but the plastic is stretched into threads which are then woven together to create a fabric.

The weave construction gives the fabric a lot of strength, making woven polypropylene the material of choice for industrial packaging of grain, sugar and other materials. Put this durability and strength to use for your custom shopping bags and get your message out there.

Nonwoven polypropylene starts out similar to the woven version, except the thin recycled plastic threads are bonded together to create a fabric. The resulting fabric is lightweight, making it a good fit for custom shopping bags because it will not weigh your customers down. Nonwoven polypropylene is also soft to the touch as an added benefit. Both types of polypropylene can be recycled when the bags have fulfilled their usefulness.

Sustainable Fabrics

Cotton, bamboo, and jute are sustainable fabric options. Sustainable materials are made from plant materials, meaning they can be planted, grown and harvested again and again to create more fabric. As natural plant-based materials, these fabrics can be recycled or composted in order to minimize your brand’s green footprint. Sustainable fabrics feature a woven construction similar to woven polypropylene, except they use natural fibers as the thread. These fabrics create a softer, more natural look for the finished bags.

Let Us Help You

At Factory Direct Promos, we have been in the business of helping our customers create custom shopping bags for almost 30 years. In that time we’ve learned how to streamline the process while also racking up several distinctions which speak to our commitment to our customers and the planet. Find out just how easy it is to design your own custom shopping bags by working with us today!


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