6 Reasons Reusable Shopping Bags REALLY Matter to Your Customers!

Two isolated reusable shopping bags with caption: Why Reusable Shopping Bags Matter to Your Customers

Give Your Customers What They Want

When you give your customers branded reusable items, like retail shopping bags, they promote your business and help get the word out about your brand.

Yet promotional marketing is only effective when you select an item your customers want or need. Giving a wanted or needed promotional gift ensures the item will be used, and your branding message will get lots of exposure. Promotional gifting is also a nice gesture to your customers since you’re essentially asking them to vouch for your brand!

A reusable shopping bag is an item that a lot of people want or need. Research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) verifies that eco-friendliness matters to your consumers. Reusable bags make giving the perfect promotional marketing gift EASY.

Here are six reasons why reusable shopping bags matter to your customers.

1. Protect Animals

Single-use plastic bags are very likely to end up as litter, and litter is very damaging and dangerous to both animals and their habitat. Marine animals are the most at-risk since they’re more likely to become tangled in or accidentally consume discarded plastic bags.

Reusable shopping bags are a safe alternative to disposable plastic, which reduces the amount of trash and litter created, keeping animals safe.

2. Customers Love Eco-Promo Items

As we mentioned earlier, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo product they receive is environmentally friendly.

Your customers understand that you’re a business and you need to promote your brand, but taking the time to select an item that is good for the planet shows your customers that you care about more than your business.

You’re still doing what you need to do, but you’re doing it responsibly and ethically. People appreciate that, and they’ll appreciate your brand for taking action.

3. Gifts? Yes!

People love to receive gifts. People are also more likely to do business with an advertiser that gives them a promotional item like a reusable shopping bag.

The bag works as a regular reminder of your business, but your customers will also positively associate with your brand because you gave them something useful.

4. Disposable Plastic Bag Bans

Many people live in areas with plastic bag bans. You can learn more about the areas where bans have been implemented by checking out our bag ban map from the link atop this page. When you give your customers reusable shopping bags, you’re helping them out by addressing a need and making it easy for them to comply with any bag bans.

5. Eco-Friendly Content

Studies have shown that many consumers want to use less disposable plastic, and they are willing to make an active effort to do so.

You can help your customers reach this goal and go green when you create custom reusable grocery shopping bags.

Our reusable bags are eco-friendly, partly because they replace the need and use for single-use plastic and because they’re made from recycled or sustainable content.

Recycled fabrics help conserve nonrenewable resources while giving a new purpose to existing materials, and they can be recycled again and again. Sustainable fabrics are natural, plant-based fibers that safely break down when they have fulfilled their purpose.

6. Better Bags

Reusable shopping bags are more durable and just all-around better bags. They are easier to load and unload due to the heavy-weight material and more durable construction. The handles are more comfortable to carry and depending on the bag’s design, they may be worn over a shoulder for hands-free carrying.

Reusable bags that earn the distinction of certified reusable bags are built to last.

These bags have been rigorously tested and proven to hold up under regular use, so both you and your customers can count on them.

We Make It Easy

Designing custom reusable shopping bags is easy when you work with us.

We have our own factory, which enables us to streamline the process to reduce turnaround and eliminate unnecessary markups.

We have a wide selection of in-stock bags and the option to take advantage of ordering reusable retail bags in bulk. When you order in bulk you can design something unique, so you can get a bag that best fits your timeline and budget.

At Factory Direct Promos, we have been helping our customers create custom bags for over 10 years. Our parent company—Superior Business Solutions—has been helping customers since 1924 with an even broader scale of promotional products and services, that’s a lot of combined service and experience!

Shop our full selection of promotional reusable bags and more, now!


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