4 Reasons Why Reusable Water Bottles Are a Wise Marketing Investment

4 Reasons Why Reusable Water Bottles Are a Wise Marketing Investment

Learn Why You Should Consider Reusable Water Bottles as Promotional Items!

The birth of the single-use plastic bottle took place in 1973. According to Kitchn’s A History of Bottled Water, that’s when polyethylene terephthalate (PET) was patented. It provided a cheaper alternative to glass and quickly became the go-to material for bottling beverages for that very reason. Bottled water has been the preferred method of water consumption for decades, but reusable water bottles have begun to stake their claim. As they become more prominent, brands should be taking notice.

There is a variety of promotional products that can carry your brand’s message. Finding one that can be as fruitful as reusable water bottles isn’t easy. Marketing with them can be beneficial for brands that hope to build up their green marketing initiatives. Beyond the eco-friendly benefits, reusable bottles are gaining market share.

Below, we explore 4 different reasons why reusable water bottles are a wise investment for your brand.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles Are Becoming More Prominent

    The demand for convenient and eco-friendly products has boosted the value of reusable water bottles. The increased focus on convenience affects brands and their consumers as they look for new ways to spread their messaging and reach new customers.

    According to a recent Transparency Market Research report, the reusable drinkware market is exploding and will continue to do so. One source mentioned in the report expects the demand to rise to more than $10 billion by 2024. They are forecasting a compounded average growth rate of 4.2 percent from 2016-2024.

  2. Eco-Friendly Materials Boost Their Value

    There is a variety of materials available to use when constructing your reusable bottle. Whether you go with aluminum, stainless steel, or recycled BPA-free plastic, the real value of these reusable bottles is the number of single-use bottles that will be kept out of circulation.

    Going green is an easy platform to get behind because of the shared benefits that brands and consumers will enjoy. Reusable water bottles employ eco-friendly materials, but most importantly they are washable and reusable. They provide a unique branding opportunity because reusable drinkware can be a lifetime product if treated with care, and your brand messaging will continue to disperse. All of this can be achieved at an affordable price.

  3. Reusable Water Bottles are a Cost-Effective Option

    Promotional products come and go, especially smaller items like pens and lanyards. Most importantly, those products are limited because they aren’t particularly convenient when applying them to other uses. Using promotional products to spread your message has known benefits and they can be enjoyed at an affordable price.

    Taking the forecasted rise of reusable water bottles into consideration, it’s easy to see why they would be a wise investment. Single-use plastic bags have been under the microscope for some time now, and single-use plastic bottles aren’t far behind. Not only are reusable water bottles cost effective as promotional products from a marketing perspective, but they will save customers money, a result of not needing to rely on purchasing bottled water for as long as their reusable bottle lasts.

  4. Durability is a Main Component

    Repeated use equals repeated impressions, and that can be a fountain of youth for any brand. The materials we offer for reusable water bottles are built to last. Durability is where the value is, and your consumers will appreciate it.

Whatever your message is, your brand will benefit from continued use. Single-use plastic bottles aren’t built to withstand repeated use, and that is by design. An investment in reusable drinkware has legs, it won’t end its journey after a few uses because of the value it brings and the single-use products it replaces.

Final Thoughts

Investing in reusable water bottles as promotional products can provide customers with reliable and durable options. They will limit the need for single-use plastic bottles while promoting your brand and your messaging. Reusable bottles are reliable bottles. Each time a customer uses them, impressions are created and potential customers are reached.

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