3 Reasons to Finally Ditch Plastic Bottled Water for Reusable Water Bottles

Making Sense of Bottled Water

In our most recent infographic we make sense of bottled water. From the expense to the environmental impact of the packaging and transporting the product, there are a lot of reasons bottled water is just not worth it. By comparison, in our last post we talked about how tap water is a lot more cost effective and it even tastes better. Today we are pouring out three reasons you need to ditch the plastic water bottle.

3 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic Water Bottle

  1. Bottled water is a 1000 times more expensive. Manufacturers incur a lot of expense with producing bottled water. From processing and packaging to marketing and distribution, the costs really add up and are passed along to the consumer. These expenses and costs are typically covered by taxes and bills issued by local water agencies and these costs are a lot less than bottled water.
  2. Plastic water bottles need to be recycled. You know when you pick up a plastic water bottle that you need to recycle it when you’re done, but if you’re on the go, it’s hard to find a recycling bin. A World Wildlife Fund International study asserts that the bottled water industry uses 1.5 million tons of plastic annually to package the water. Plus, the manufacture and disposal of the plastic sends toxic chemicals into the environment, so recycling is still the best method of handling plastic water bottles but the numbers show that isn’t happening at high levels. In 2009, only 28% of all plastic bottles consumed in the United States were recycled.3 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic Water Bottle
  3. As we talked about in our post on tap water, the taste and safety of tap water makes bottled water unnecessary. In blind comparisons people usually pick tap water, proving it is the tastier choice. You should also know bottle water may have ingredients besides water. Sometimes the additives are harmless and simply intended to improve the taste (and sales), but it is possible bottled water could tack on calories. Tap water is typically cleaner and healthier.

So You Ready to Make The Switch to Reusable Water Bottles?

When you look at all the facts, it kind of seems obvious that bottled water is simply a waste of resources. A bottled water habit will cost you a lot of money, even if you recycle the disposable bottle you are still harming the planet and bottled water is not a better alternative to tap water.

It’s time to pick up a reusable water bottle, isn’t it? And, if you are looking for a way that your business can make an impact, why not brand some custom reusable water bottles in bulk with your logo? Check out our which are all BPA free and include recycled plastic choices. Fill out a product quote request and get started today.

Sources: http://www.kab.org/site/PageServer?pagename=recycling_facts_and_stats

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Finally Ditch Plastic Bottled Water for Reusable Water Bottles

  1. Dr Terence Lewis MSc BSc

    Another good reason to ditch disposable water bottles is because many of the international companies are extracting water from Aquifers and Springs a a rate greater than replenishment resulting in communities being deprived of a basic human right Clean Drinking water, and water for irrigation resulting in loss of food yields. The resultant effect is Communities dying of thirst and hunger.
    http://stopnestlewaters.org/abouth ttps://www.change.org/p/nestlé-waters-stop-taking-our-water
    Please do the right thing and act now.

  2. Heather Rose

    Yes , I totally agree with what you said. I think that it is bettter to use your own water bottle to avoid consuming bottled water. I also believe that by using your own water bottle we can reduce our expenses.


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