8 Benefits of Marketing with a Custom Blender Bottle

Learn What Target Markets Will LOVE YOUR Custom Blender Bottles

Put Custom Blender Bottles to Work for Your Brand

Finding just the right promotional product can be tricky. You need something that appeals to your demographic, but also effectively gets your branding information out there. Our custom Blender Bottles achieve both of these goals and set your promotional marketing up for success. But not all bottles that are made to blend are the top quality, name brand Blender Bottle that we carry. Let’s explore more about these unique and versatile bottles and find out what they can do for your brand and your customers.

1. Durable for Use on the Go

Many people take their protein shakes or smoothies to go, and our custom Blender Bottle is up for this challenge. The durable plastic construction can handle bumps, drops, or being tossed in a bag to keep up with a busy lifestyle. These bottles also fit into most standard cup holders for added convenience.

2. Easy to Mix

The key feature of our Blender Bottles is the wire whisk. This metal ball is made from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel for durability. When placed in the bottle along with the ingredients and shaken, the whisk easily mixes up the contents for smooth shakes. The wire whisk even mixes up thick ingredients, like peanut butter, honey, bananas, and more, while also thoroughly mixing powders without leaving lumps. The quality materials used ensure our Blender Bottle ball whisk will not chip, peel, or rust.

3. Quality Construction for Convenience

The lid on all of our name-brand Blender Bottles is designed to handle quick and intense shaking while ensuring all ingredients are contained inside the bottle. The leak-proof lid securely twists in place to form a tight seal. The cap makes a snapping sound when closed, confirming a secure seal while also easily popping open when you want to take a sip.

4. Safe for Peace of Mind

All of our Blender Bottles are BPA-free and phthalate-free, which means these bottles are safe to use for food and beverages. BPA and phthalates are chemicals used in the manufacturing process of most plastics. Exposure to these chemicals can result in a host of health issues, namely disrupting the endocrine and reproductive systems, while also causing developmental problems for children. Since Blender Bottles are made with BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic there is no risk of these chemicals leaching into the food or beverages stored in the bottles.

5. Ideal Size for Portion Control

At 20 ounces, the Blender Bottle can fit a single smoothie or protein shake. The bottle is small enough to hold plenty of food, while not being too big and cumbersome. The bottle can easily be palmed and fits nicely into a gym bag, purse, or another type of bag.

6. Versatile Use

Blender Bottles are designed to mix up shakes, but they can ultimately be used for any type of beverage from water to iced coffee, lemonade, tea, and more. The blending capabilities make this bottle appealing to many health-conscious individuals, but once they finish their shake they can easily clean the bottle and top it off with other drinks throughout the day.

7. Customizable Design

All of our Blender Bottles can be customized to showcase your branding. Select the color of the bottle and lid, submit your artwork and we can transform the bottles into promotional items that will increase awareness of your brand.

8. High Visibility to Get Your Message Seen

Custom Blender Bottles will remind your customers about your brand every time they reach for the bottle to mix up a drink or take a sip. This is effective marketing that will familiarize your customers with your brand and make your clients feel more comfortable with your company.

Since most of your customers will likely take these bottles along on the go, they will put your branding information in front of a wider audience. Custom BlenderBottles can introduce your brand to more people and increase the general awareness of your brand.

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Contact Factory Direct Promos to create a custom BlenderBottle or eco-friendly reusable bottle to build relationships with your target market. We can help walk you through the process to quickly and easily create a unique promotional product your customers will be excited to use.


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