Why Use Reusable Grocery Bags?

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People have different reasons for using reusable grocery bags and there isn’t one right answer. It all comes down to what the shopper believes and wants to put into practice. Read on to learn why you should consider using reusable grocery bags.

Using Bags Made from Sustainable and Recycled Materials are Good for the Planet

To understand how reusable bags made from sustainable and recycled materials have a positive impact on the environment, you need to first understand how single-use plastic bags have a negative impact.

Disposable plastic bags are made from nonrenewable resources (petroleum and natural gas) and they are seldom recycled, so once they come into existence they are pretty much here forever. The disposable plastic bags that are not recycled typically end up in landfills or they become litter. Neither outcome has a happy ending since in a landfill the plastic bags just contribute to the massive heap and when litter single-use plastic bags destroy ecosystems and are a major risk to animals, particularly marine animals.

Reusable grocery bags made from sustainable or recycled materials do not have all of the negative results since they are made from eco materials and are usually handled in a responsible manner. This means they do not waste resources or destroy habitats and they are not a hazard to wildlife and can be recycled.

Enjoy Unmatched Durability with a Reusable Bag

Why Should You Use Reusable Grocery Bags?Reusable grocery bags are really durable – they have to be to last as long as they do, and this is a sharp contrast to single-use plastic bags which are designed to be used once. You may be able to get a couple uses out of disposable plastic bags, but they are prone to rips and tears and once plastic bags start to go they completely fall apart in no time. This can be frustrating and anyone who has ever had a single-use plastic bag fall apart and have then had to pick up everything that was inside the bag will appreciate the durability and dependability of a reusable grocery bag.

Reusable bags typically last for about 6 years. The determining factor is how often the bag is used, but you can count of getting several years out of a reusable shopping bag, even if the bag is heavily used.

Reusable Grocery Bags are Amazing Marketing Tools

A branded custom reusable bag will put your marketing message in front of your customers and potential customers. When your customers carry a reusable grocery bag with your branding info they will have a constant reminder of your brand, but by carrying your branded bag they are also offering a silent endorsement. This networking will help increase your brand awareness and your visibility.

Choosing to promote your brand with a reusable grocery bag also speaks to the environmental commitment of your brand and will appeal to people who support environmental issues.

Reusable Grocery Bags are Truly a Win-Win for the Planet and Your Brand!

There are a variety of reasons to use reusable grocery bags, but ultimately you need to find the reason that speaks to you. Between the environmentally friendly characteristics, the durability and the opportunity to promote your brand reusable grocery bags have a lot going for them.

Why do you use reusable grocery bags? Let us know in the comments!


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