When Does the New York Bag Ban Actually Start?

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Clearing Up the Confusion on the New York Bag Ban

New York was all set to implement a single-use plastic bag ban on March 1, 2020. This ban is intended to reduce trash and help New Yorkers lead the way in sustainability. However, there was some confusion around some of the details. While the New York bag ban did technically go into effect, there was a delay in terms of enforcement. You can learn more about the larger movement by checking out our map of bag bans and fees. Keep reading to learn more about the New York bag ban and when retailers have to actually stop handing out single-use plastic bags.

New York Bag Ban Delayed

Just a couple days before the ban was scheduled to begin, state officials delayed enforcement by one month. This delay will allow retailers more time to adjust to the ban. Single-use plastic bags were still banned effective March 1, 2020, but any retailer found to be distributing plastic bags will not be penalized during the first month of the ban.

The New York bag ban is structured to ban disposable plastic bags at retail locations that charge sales tax. Retailers found to be in violation of the ban would receive a warning for the first offense. The next violation would incur a $250 penalty and each violation thereafter would incur a $500 penalty. The delay means that officials will not start issuing warnings and penalty fees until April 1, 2020.

What This Means for Shoppers

Many businesses, particularly larger retailers, were ready to go on March 1, so the New York bag ban was still implemented in many retail establishments. The delay in enforcement is intended to help smaller retailers use up any remaining inventory of plastic bags and adjust to the ban.

The Future of Paper Bags

The New York bag ban allows for paper bags and gives counties and cities the ability to implement a 5-cent fee on paper bags. A few of the 62 counties in New York have decided to implement the bag fee while others confirmed the fee will not be implemented, however, many counties have not ruled one way or the other regarding the paper bag fee and to date, no cities have opted to impose the fee.

Several large grocery retailers have announced they will implement their own paper bag fee. The delay in enforcement also provides time for cities, counties, and retailers to become better organized around paper bags and whether or not the fee will be collected.

Going Plastic Bag Free in New York

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