What Is a Great Way to Market Your Brand? Help Your Clients with Eco Folding Totes

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What Is a Great Way to Market Your Brand? Help Your Clients!

What Is a Great Way to Market Your Brand? Help Your Clients with Custom Eco Folding Totes and They Will Never Again Forget Their Bag!

If you’re looking for a new marketing tool to promote your brand and help your clients and prospects, give our reusable folding totes a look – we offer a wide selection of eco folding tote bags that are all eco-friendly and reusable while also offering a small and lightweight size, so you will minimize your carbon footprint, offer your customers a compact and convenient carrying solution while getting the word out about your brand. Here is a look at three of our eco folding totes that are a great option for your brand.

Promote Your Brand with Our Eco Folding Totes

Our Eco folding totes easily stow into a small pouch when not in use, so they are easy to remember to take on the go and are conveniently available when needed. The compact folded size makes these bags super handy to leave in a desk drawer at work or in the glove compartment of a car, so there is a reusable bag close at handed whenever needed.

The pouch comes outfitted with snap closure to keep the eco folding tote contained and a hand carabiner, so the pouch can be clipped to a purse or belt loop and is easily accessible.

Both the reusable bag itself and the storage pouch can have your brand’s logo or marketing message imprinted, so whether your customers are carrying the folded up pouch or goods home from the market your slogan or logo will be on display. The durable 210D polyester material is lightweight, making it easy to carry, but still offers durability that will hang in there for years of dependable use.

Market Your Brand with Our Customizable Snappable Eco Folding Totes

Market Your Brand with Our Customizable Snapable Eco Folding Totes

Market your brand with our customizable Snappable Eco Folding Totes

Coming in at 17” x 4” x 15” our reusable snappable folding totes are big enough to carry groceries home from the store, items to work, or really anything anyplace. The polyester material is durable for repeated use, as well as being recyclable, so when the time comes this eco folding tote bag can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

This style of eco folding tote bag folds into a small tote, so when it isn’t in use it can easily be stowed or carried. This convenience will make your customized snappable folding tote the go-to bag for your customers, which means your brand will get plenty of visibility and recognition and you will be helping your clients.


The Compact Folded Size Makes Our Zippable Eco Folding Totes a Smart Pick

The Compact Folded Size Makes Our Zipable Eco Folding Totes a Smart Pick

The compact folded size makes our Zippable Eco Folding Totes a smart pick

Our last pick offers the same level of customization as all of our other eco folding tote bags, and easily folds up into a zippered compartment that is part of the bag, so your customers have the convenience of a reusable bag when needed, but they can also easily store the eco folding tote bag into tight spaces of take it along on the go in anticipation of needing a bag later.

Our zippable totes are constructed from a durable polyester that is easy to wash and withstands heavy use, so your customers can use your branded eco folding tote bag again and again and it will show nicely over time and continue to promote your marketing message.  The comfortable double handle design easily distributes the weight of the load, so your customers can effortlessly carry this bag while also showcasing your branding message.

Let Us Help You Order Your Custom Reusable Eco Folding Tote Today

When ordering from us at Factory Direct Promos you typically have the option of printing your logo and branding message on the bag of your choice at our U.S. facility, which secures a quick turnaround. You can also opt to further customize your bag (adjust the length of the handles, change the color of the gusset, add snaps or zippers and more!) with our overseas production facility which requires a slightly higher minimum order and takes about 60 – 90 days (depending on the level of customization and our workload), but you’ll have a bag that is completely built to your exact specifications and will promote your brand every time your customers carry it.

Do you have questions about any of our eco folding totes? You can fill out a product quote request in the upper left hand page and we will get back in touch with you ASAP.


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