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As some of you may know I am our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Factory Direct Promos. I consider myself fortunate to handle the marketing for FDP because I believe in the work we do and I think small changes in people’s everyday routines at home and work can collectively have a massive and positive impact on the environment. I enjoy writing for FDP and sharing green marketing, business, and trade show tips but I also get the chance to venture out and gather great tips for you from some great thought leaders in the trade show industry.

Learn About Green Exhibiting at TSNN

I am a regular contributor to the TSNN Thought Leader Blog, which is a part of the Trade Show News Network. TSNN offers up some really useful information about trade shows from how to exhibit green to cutting-edge technology. My most recent post explains how, if you are exhibiting at a trade show in California, their new statewide disposable plastic bag ban has created a unique marketing opportunity for your brand.

There is going to be an obvious increased need for reusable shopping bags in California right? So customized reusable bags are likely to be a huge hit with attendees while also spreading the word about your brand far beyond California.

If you are attending or exhibiting at trade shows or other events make sure to check out TSNN not only for my contributions, but also for the articles written by the other thought leaders in the trade show space, trade show industry news, and comprehensive informational lists covering every trade show in the United States.

iTS Podcast Gets the Word Out About Trade Show Technology

Another great opportunity I recently had, because of the work I do for FDP, was to be a guest on Wayne Lewis’ (iTS) podcast it was not only a lot of fun, (Wayne is a great guy and tell me if you don’t agree his voice was made for radio?) but the short podcast is full of useful info for you.

We talked about a variety of topics from the California bag ban and the advantage of marketing your brand with reusable bags, as well as technology for the trade show floor to help you work greener and market more effectively. We’ll have more on this later!

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We would love to hear of any other trade show tips you have so please of course feel free to share with us via social or leave a comment below. Have a great week!


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