Think Pink with 2 Eco-Friendly Options for Your Business & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Woman dressed in pink holding a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Help the Cause and Go Green

Promotional products can do more than promote businesses, they can also promote causes. Customized gear can help increase awareness of worthwhile causes and rally support.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to let you know about two of our eco-friendly promotional products that can help share the important message to end this devastating disease.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Getting your message out there is definitely important, but the way you do it matters, too.

Selecting green and eco-friendly promotional items to promote your cause will not distract from the message in any way. Promotional items made from recycled or sustainable content, that can also be disposed of in a responsible way, allow people to focus on the message and not the actual item.

Our promotional products are eco-friendly, which means you can help raise awareness for Breast Cancer in an environmentally responsible way.

Spreading the Message with Custom Reusable Bags

Tote bags are handy and they can be used to carry groceries home from the store or while running errands or for just about anything.

When a tote bag is customized with your message that bag will help to spread that message to a wider audience. Breast cancer awareness tote bags do just that. These bags can help spread the word about fundraising efforts and other work your organization is doing to find a cure.

Our reusable bags can be completely customized.

You can select from our in-stock bags and send us your artwork which we can print on the bags (in a perfectly matched Pantone pink).

Or if you want to create something totally unique, we can still help out. Our bulk and custom ordering option allows you to completely design your bag for a tote that is totally unique.

Getting Out the Word with Seed Paper

Seed paper is simply paper embedded with seeds. This paper can be die-cut into different shapes and even printed on depending on how you want to use it.

Seed paper makes a memorable handout because after it relays your message, it can be planted.

The paper will break down and the seed will germinate, resulting in a plant.

This type of handout creates an experience that will stick with your supporters.

Our Breast Cancer awareness custom seed shape packs are a great way to promote the cause and raise awareness while also giving supporters a way to engage with the message.

Let’s Make a Difference

We specialize in creating unique promotional products, but we appreciate the ability of these products to raise awareness. This awareness can help make a difference and hopefully will lead to a cure.

We are ISO certified and a leader in our industry thanks to the decade we’ve spent helping our customers create unique and completely custom products.

We make it quick and easy to design and order your custom reusable tote bags or seed paper items.

Contact us and ask for help creating meaningful Breast Cancer Awareness items.


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