Here’s How To Dispose of PPE Litter Properly to Protect The Planet

3-ply disposable face masks for COVID-19 protection

Prioritizing Reducing PPE Litter

One of the most unexpected changes brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic is an increase in litter, but not just any litter. PPE equipment is showing up as litter.

The #PPELitter hashtag has been trending on Twitter, so we felt like it was a good time to revisit the topic of how to safely dispose of PPE.

The Importance of Staying Safe

PPE, like masks, is mandated by local and state governments.

For this reason, as businesses open back up there has been an increased demand for PPE and Wellness Essentials for businesses to battle COVID.

Many of the PPE items used are disposable, which means after they are used once the PPE items need to be thrown away.

Disposable items in general are prone to becoming litter, and PPE is no exception.

Stopping the Spread

Litter of any kind is a problem because it can pose a risk to animals that may consume or become tangled in the items.

Items made from plastic, like many types of PPE, do not break down, but rather they break apart into small pieces.

These small pieces can leach into the ground and have far-reaching impacts on the environment and the food chain.

In the case of PPE litter, it’s not just bad for the planet, but it is potentially so much more dangerous.

In the process of stopping the spread of germs and bacteria, PPE can become contaminated.

When this contaminated PPE is discarded as litter, it can be a threat to wildlife and an eyesore.

Taking the Proper Precautions

When disposed of properly, PPE is completely safe and can have a very minimal impact on the environment and members of your community.

The EPA suggests contacting your local recycling hauler to determine if they accept PPE, in which case you can recycle PPE.

You can find tips to safely dispose of PPE to keep everyone safe.

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