How to Trash Nothing

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Work with Your Community to Minimize the Waste Stream

For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing reusable bags to help decrease the use of single-use plastic bags. We work hard here at FDP to help keep our landfills free of plastic bags. When I find another organization whose eco-friendly goals align with ours, I always take notice. When I came across a Tweet about an app called Trash Nothing on Twitter last week, I was impressed because it solves a need many of us have – how to get rid of all of the stuff we need to, in a responsible way! The Tweet I came across was from an actual user of the Trash Nothing app who was thrilled that they had virtually NO TRASH left over after a move.

Repurpose Items

This app coordinates across different freecycling groups. Freecycling is giving something away that you no longer want or need, but is in perfectly good condition. From clothing to furniture, dishware and more anything you own that you just do not need or use is good gear to be freecycled. Some people simply give items away, sometimes people will arrange to trade items, but either way perfectly good items find a good home and there is less trash.

Advantages of Freecycling

Repurposing items by giving them away can help you clean up and declutter your home. Trading with someone gives you the chance to get rid of what you don’t need, while getting items you do need or can use. More importantly, freecycling keeps stuff out of landfills. Items may end up there eventually, but someone was able to get as much use as possible out of it first. Freecycling also saves money and resources. Instead of buying something new you can get something that was gently used, but still works great.

Making Freecycling Easy

Trash Nothing has a website and an app. This program connects local freecycling groups. Instead of signing up to each group to see what is available, this one app gives you visibility into everything near by. When you sign up you will be connected to people in your community who have items they want to unload. You can arrange to take those items off their hands, and maybe pass along items in your home that you do not need. It is free to signup and free to participate.


The more stuff that can be kept out of landfills the better. Utilizing reusable products, like reusable shopping bags and taking advantage of apps like Trash Nothing minimizes the amount of stuff headed for landfills. If you have things you no longer need at home or at work, it is worth checking out Trash Nothing.

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