How Do Recycled Grocery Bags Improve the Customer Experience?

3 assorted laminated custom reusable shopping tote bags

Find out How Recycled Grocery Bags Can Improve the Customer Experience!

A number of variables go into how customers remember their shopping experiences. Exposure to an assortment of brand messaging and marketing tactics can leave customers with a lot to consider. Luckily, there are promotional products for your brand to take advantage of – products that can differentiate and maximize your message.

With recycled grocery bags, customers and brands gain exposure to new and improved aspects of the shopping experience that would otherwise be hard to achieve. Some aspects of this current experience are outdated and in need of refreshing. Take single-use plastic bags for example. For decades they have been ingrained into the retail culture, providing no value outside of their convenience. Customers have more options today, and brands do too.

Below, we will explore 3 examples of how recycled shopping bags can improve the customer experience.

  1. They Are Versatile and Durable

    Customers can put together a collection of reusable bags to fulfill their various needs. There is a range of different materials that can be used for making a custom bag. These materials all have their unique benefits and represent considerable improvements over what single-use plastic bags have to offer.

    Our recycled grocery bags are built from recycled plastic bottles and can carry the messaging of your choice. The recycled plastic is durable and designed to allow customers to repeatedly use their bag for two or more years. When it reaches the end of its road, customers can properly dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

  2. They’re Useful for Unique Promotional Purposes

    When customers get their hands on one of your branded recycled grocery bags, the benefits of using them are well known. Customers are creating impressions for your brand each time they put the bag to use. In fact, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) 2016 Impression Study shows us that reusable bags generate the most impressions (5772) compared to any other promotional product. But what opportunities are available that can differentiate your brand from the competition?

    Consider the potential benefits of likening your recycled bag to a promotional code. For example, you could choose to provide customers with a discount when the branded recycled bags are used at their stores. Another example would be to work on curating partnerships to honor those discounts with other brands that have similar eco-friendly goals. Adding a QR code to your bag that leads to a sign-up page with a discount code that is dynamic is also a great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

  3. Their Use Extends Beyond Shopping

    At some point, recycled grocery bags are useful beyond their intended purpose. Although they are initially intended to fulfill the customer’s basic shopping needs, there is a wide-array of uses outside of the store. Versatile reusable bags have the opportunity to find a new life outside of basic shopping needs because of their durability. Reusable bags, in general, lend themselves to a variety of alternative uses.

    Versatility and durability are the most appealing qualities of recycled bags for your brand as well as the customers that you hope to reach. Single-use plastic bags have limited options for re-use, and quite frankly there is nothing distinctive about them from a brand awareness perspective. After their initial purpose is served, plastic bags have a small chance of finding a new life that benefits the customer. Instead, they typically spend the rest of their days crippling marine life, invading our food chain and creating litter within communities.

The Bottom Line

Being aware of the various benefits that recycled grocery bags can provide for customers can go a long way in maximizing your investment and highlighting your shift towards becoming an eco-friendly business. Reusable bags are reliable bags. Each time you use them, waste created by single-use plastic bags is limited.

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  1. Arfa Moore

    Brilliant examples. Recycled shopping bags can surely improve your shopping experience and it is definitely better than the use of plastic shopping bags. Thank you for sharing such a informative piece of information

    • Shane Shirley Post author

      You are quite welcome, Arfa! We are here to help in any way we can. Let us know if you would like any samples. – Shane #GoReusableNow


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