Iowa City to Implement Apartment Recycling by End of 2018

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Recycling Measure to Extend to All Apartment Buildings

A large rental market and low recycling rates pushed officials in Iowa City to take a stand. Renters in multifamily homes and apartment buildings typically do not recycle, but by the end of 2018, all multifamily apartments and condominiums with more than four units must provide recycling for tenants. The new law aims to streamline waste management to better serve the community, but an effective solution is required to address the difficulties renters face when recycling. Reusable recycling bags offer an easy solution for tenants, property managers and landlords to follow the new law.

Recycling Obstacles

The curbside recycling programs that have proven effective for single-family residents do not have the same level of success in apartment-style accommodations. There is seldom room in apartments for the bulky collection bins, so there is no way for renters to easily set aside items for recycling without those items being in the way. Renters tend to throw all of their trash, including recyclables, in the garbage. Many landlords or property managers simply do not offer recycling since there is no easy solution.

Inefficient Waste Stream

The benefit of recycling is the ability to continue to use materials again and again. Plastic, glass, metal and to a degree paper can all be recycled and re-manufactured into new items. When existing materials are recycled this reduces the need and use of virgin materials.

Another drawback to tossing recyclable items in landfills is the amount of space items take up. Many recyclable materials are not biodegradable, which means they do not safely breakdown. The more items taking up space in a landfill the sooner that landfill will be full and another destination for trash is required at the expense of the municipality. Recycling prolongs the lifespan of landfills.

Recycling SolutionsReusable Recycling Bags Make Dorm Recycling Easy for Students

Reusable recycling bags simplify the process for tenants in apartments and multi-family homes. Tenants can collect their recyclables in these durable bags and empty the bag into a community collection point. The bags are compact and feature handles, allowing for easy hanging in a pantry or closet.

A handle on the bottom of the bag makes it easy to dump the contents into a dumpster. The material used to construct the bags is made from recycled content, making the bag eco-friendly. More importantly, the material is water-resistant, so any residue or spills will be contained, keeping messes from spreading.

Customizable Solution

Reusable recycling bags can also be customized with full-color printing on all sides. Municipalities or property managers can create custom bags that include important contact information, a breakdown of what items can be recycled and any other relevant information that helps tenants effectively recycle.

Create Reusable Recycling Bags

Recycling improves how waste materials are handled and benefits municipalities and the residents of an area. Certified reusable recycling bags are a simple and effective solution that makes the process of sorting and storing recyclables easy for multi-family tenants. Learn more and request a quote for your own custom reusable recycling bags!


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