How to Easily Market Your Small Business

Looking for Ways to Easily Market Your Small Business?

Don’t let the name fool you – small business is big business. Small businesses contribute to the strength of our economy and they create jobs. Every major corporation started out as a small business and this is inspiration to foster and grow small businesses.

The key to growth is consistency. In order for a small business to grow they need a constant demand for the products or services they provide, and as this demand grows the business will be able to turn more of a profit and reinvest this profit into their business by hiring additional staff, purchasing new equipment, moving into a larger space or maybe opening new locations.

The Supplier Connection, which is a collaboration between IBM and the U.S. Small Biz Admin, strives to help small businesses grow by presenting opportunities to serve as suppliers to large businesses. By recognizing the needs of small and large businesses alike, The Supplier Connection is able to work to help small businesses grow into strong, viable corporations that can sustain communities, markets and other businesses.

A Great Opportunity to Learn and Grow Your Business

Each month The Supplier Connection hosts The Supplier Spotlight– a contest intended to give small businesses a chance to promote their models of success to help other businesses learn from their hard work while also promoting their businesses. This interactive experience benefits everyone involved. The contributing businesses get their name and their ideas out there while also vying for a chance to advertise their business on The Supplier Connection’s home page for an entire month. Everyone who reads the articles and votes for their favorite will pick up some ideas and learn how to grow their business. Everyone wins!

Learn How to Market Your Brand and Help Your Bottom Line

We here at Factory Direct Promos decided to throw our hat into the ring for the month of October. Our article, written by our CMO, Shane Shirley-Smith, outlines 5 ways to market your business in a cost effective manner. While we’re certainly partial to our article, we were also excited to read the great info in the other submissions. Actually, there are great submissions every month. The Supplier Connection does a great job of creating a collaborative community that helps businesses of all sizes grow and succeed and we are thrilled to be part of this group.

Please check out The Supplier Connection, read the articles and if you think we are worthy, please vote for our CMO, Shane Shirley Smith’s article “5 Ways to Market Your Small Business“. Contest ends today, October 28th at 8pm ET.

UPDATE 10-31-13: We won! Thank you so much for your support. You helped push us over the top of our very awesome competitors.


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