5 Tips to a SOLD! Here’s How to Sell Your Event Sponsorships for Trade Show Bags

Here’s How to Sell Your Event Sponsorship for Trade Show Bags

Selling trade show bag sponsorships can seem daunting in this economy, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

5 Tips to Sell Your Association’s Event Sponsorship for Trade Show Bags

Selling trade show bag sponsorships can seem daunting in this economy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five tips to use in marketing this prime sponsorship to have people lining up to take advantage of the promotional push reusable bags offer.

Five Tips to Market Your Event’s Sponsorship for Reusable Trade Show Bags

  1. Excellent Marketing That Lasts Beyond the Trade Show

    Reusable bags are certainly handy to have while attending a trade show, but they are just as useful long after the trade show is over. People who receive the bag at the show can continue to use your sponsor’s branded reusable bag when they shop or to carry items to the gym or to work or for just about anything, spreading the marketing message far and wide.

  2. Can Be Used Over and Over Again Offering Great Exposure

    Reusable products are designed and constructed with the intent to be used repeatedly. The more the bag is used the more visibility your sponsor’s branding message receives.

  3. Establish and Maintain Brand Recognition and Loyalty

    Every time attendees use your sponsor’s custom branded bag, they will be reminded of their company. Over time, people will become very familiar with your sponsor’s branding message. They will easily recognize their brand when they see it and they will also develop a sense of loyalty because they have gotten to know their company and what their about through the marketing message they carry every day.

  4. Show Your Sponsor’s Green Initiatives

    Reusable bags are an eco-friendly way to promote your sponsor’s brand simply because of their reusable nature. When people forgo a single-use disposable bag in favor of a reusable bag, they keep trash out of landfills, protect our wildlife, and keep litter off of the streets. Take things a step further and construct your reusable bags for your trade show sponsor from recycled or sustainable materials to further up the environmental ante.

  5. Create a Mobile Advertising Force

    When people carry a reusable bag emblazoned with your show and sponsor’s logo, they are essentially a mobile billboard. Prospects will see your trade show and sponsor’s message every time they use the bag, but so will every one they encounter while using it.  Sponsoring a trade show bag is also a great way to get your message in the hands of people just inside as well as outside of your sponsor’s prime demographic. Reaching new groups of people once the sponsor’s bag leaves the show floor in the hands of your attendees will introduce your brand to a bigger audience and expand your sponsor’s customer base.

Trade Show Bag Sponsorships Should Be a No-Brainer for Your Exhibitors

There is so much work that goes into preparing for and attending a trade show and you definitely don’t need the stress of trying to sell what is clearly one of the best options out there for your exhibitors to market their brand far beyond the trade show floor.

Sponsorships are a great way to promote a brand outside of your exhibitor’s booth and let people know that they are attending the show while at the same time, creating some marketing buzz. Sponsoring reusable trade show bags is a fantastic way to spread the word about a brand during the show and long after it’s over while building an audience and reaching new demographics.



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