3 Trade Show Marketing Tips to Increase Sales After The Show Ends

3 Trade Show Marketing Tips to Increase Sales After The Show Ends

Try These Tips to Continue to Build Relationships Long After the Trade Show Ends

There’s a lot of value to attending trade shows and meeting with both existing and potential customers face-to-face. You can gain invaluable insights, get to know people and reinforce or establish your rapport. It is so important to keep this momentum going and continue to work to build these relationships after the trade show ends. In a recent post for TSNN, I outlined three trade show marketing tips you can use to increase sales after the show ends.

Stay in Touch

You probably collected a lot of contact information while exhibiting. Put this info to good use. Reach out to both clients and prospective clients via individual emails or a company newsletter. Keep your brand relevant and remind people that you are there to help. It pays to remember that your clients most likely receive lots of emails every day. Make sure to offer value and continue to connect each month with your newsletter which offers specialized content that matters to your contacts.

Get the Media to Help Out

Before attending a trade show, you can request a list of media contacts. Get this information and start building relationships with journalists, PR professionals, and bloggers. Let them know who you are, and that you are always available if they need industry-specific info, a quote, or anything else. If you are mentioned make sure to share the post via social media. Acknowledge their work and express your gratitude. When sharing you want to tag your contact and the publication.

Put Your Customers to Work Spreading Your Brand’s Awareness

When people stop by your booth hand them some branded promotional items. Messenger bags and reusable water bottles are both great examples, but there are lots more. Custom-branded reusable products make excellent trade show marketing tools. Branded products will remind your prospects about your brand long after all the noise of the trade show has quieted down and they are at home or the office with your branded item.

Reusable bags and water bottles also function sort of like walking billboards, so when your customers or prospects carry branded products, they are also putting your marketing message on display. Another great aspect of custom reusable promotional products is that they can be used long after the trade show is over, so these items can spread your branding message for many years to come.

If you want trade show marketing that lasts well beyond the show floor, be sure to fill out a quote request to get started creating your trade show bags. We are always here to help and after more than 20 years in business, we have the know-how to make the process easy for you.


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