Here’s The Easy Way to Remember Your Reusable Bags

Here's The Easy Way to Remember Your Reusable Bags

Tips for Creating a Habit

Making the switch to reusable bags can take some getting used to and forming the habit of grabbing your bags is a must. Until that habit is formed it can be frustrating when you find yourself at the checkout without your bags, but we are here to help with tips for creating a habit.

New research shows that is does not take just 21 days, as was previously thought, to create a new habit, but on average it takes 66 days to form a habit. The easy way to remember your reusable bags is to keep using these tips until grabbing your bags becomes habit.

Store Your Reusable Bags In the Same Place Every Time

If your reusable bags are visible and accessible, you will be more apt to remember them when you head to the store. This may mean hanging them on a coat rack near your door, leaving them in your garage near your car, or storing them in your car.

If you keep your bags in your car think about leaving them on a seat. If you place your reusable bags in the trunk of your car you may forget them, since you can’t see them. Find a spot that is visible and works for you.

Write Yourself a Note

Add a note to your shopping list to grab your reusable bags. If you write you list out using pen and paper, or if you maintain a digital version on your phone, just add a reminder as a line item. When you glance at your list you’ll remember to grab your bags. If that doesn’t work consider writing a reminder on a sticky note and leaving it on your door, near your keys, in your car, or anyplace you will see it.

Stash Reusable Bags All Over

Stock up on reusable bags and leave them in convenient locations. If you typically head to the store from your home then leaving bags by your front door or in your car is a good idea. But what about when you don’t leave from home? Throw some reusable bags in your desk at the office. Pick up a folding bag that fits in your purse or your messenger bag, or a bag with a clip that can be attached to your bike. If you leave reusable bags in convenient spots you will be more likely to have a bags handy when you need them.

Clip Your Bags Together

Get a carabiner clip and hook it though the handles of your bags. This will keep your bags conveniently together, and if you know you need to run to the store or market hook your keys into the carabiner clip, too. When you leave your house and grab your keys you will also have your bags.

Everyone Can Pitch In

If you are retailer or working to market your business, you can help your customers remember their reusable bags by printing these tips, or your own, directly onto a reusable bag with your logo and branding information on the other side.

Fill out a quote request or contact us today to get started! After more than 20 years manufacturing custom reusable bags, we know how to make the process easy for you!


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