2 Insider Tips to Get THE Lowest Price on Custom Reusable Bags

custom reusable bags

Score a Great Deal on Custom Reusable Bags

Saving money makes it possible to get the most out of your budget, helps your bottom line, and also delivers a certain type of satisfaction from landing an amazing deal. If you are thinking about ordering custom reusable shopping bags, we have two insider tips to help you get the lowest price.

Here are two tips to purchase custom reusable bags like a pro.

  1. Plan Ahead

    If you are short on time ordering from our in-stock selection ensures your custom reusable bags can be turned around rather quickly. But if you allow enough lead time your order will be processed directly at our facility which offers the best wholesale price on reusable bags in bulk. Doing so gives you a greater opportunity to customize your reusable bags, and it makes it possible to secure your custom reusable bags at a great wholesale price. It is amazing how much money you can save if you just plan ahead. Look at your marketing needs for the upcoming year and purchase accordingly. Be sure to place your order early enough to get your bags custom-made at our factory. This means you need to have 60-90 days lead time once you have approved the design of your custom reusable bags in order for our factory to have the time needed to manufacture your order.

  2. Buy Enough

    Think about how many promotional reusable bags you’ll need for any upcoming custom reusable bagstrade shows or events. Consider including your custom reusable bags in your corporate holiday gift or as an employee gift. Tally everything up to ensure you order as many reusable bags as you’ll possibly need. By ordering a minimum of 1,000 reusable bags you qualify for our lowest wholesale pricing. The order minimum helps ensure a low price per bag because the amount of setup work is about the same if you order 1,00 custom reusable bags or 2,500, effectively spreading it out over many more bags. This is why you can secure a lower wholesale price per bag with larger bulk orders.

Get Your Price Today

We further streamline the process by working directly with our factory. With no middleman, it keeps our overhead and other expenses down, and we pass these cost savings along to our customers.

We have over 20 years in business, so we know how to help you create stunning custom reusable bags that will meet your green goals and come in at a great price.

Get the lowest price on custom reusable bags by contacting us today!


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