4 Promotional Marketing Trends We Expect to See Throughout 2017

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We’re living in an ever-changing digital world and although new marketing channels and technologies are emerging rapidly, promotional marketing is still one of the most effective tactics.

In fact, today’s consumers are almost 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional items when compared to online advertising. By making good use of promotional marketing, you can quickly attract more customers, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Here are four promotional marketing trends we expect to see in 2017 that should be part of your strategy.

1. Product Usefulness

As trade show marketers, you want to find the perfect promotional products that easily fit the budget. But more significantly, you want your customers and prospects to love them as well. Most consumers tend to keep promotional products when they’re useful in their daily lives.

Here are a few useful items we expect to be trendy in 2017:

  • Reusable aluminum drinkware: Think beyond the regular mug or water bottles and go for the ones that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, consider offering a BPA-free custom stainless steel water bottle that can be used to enjoy delicious beverages over and over again.
  • Bluetooth speakers and headphones: Bluetooth tech is a hot topic in promotional marketing as more companies are starting to design and manufacture high-tech Bluetooth products. Consider customizing mini Bluetooth products with your logo so customers can bring your brand with them everywhere they go.
  • Customized bags: Trade show bags continue to be the gold standard for promotional marketing. In 2016, bags generated more impressions than any other promotional item and 50% of U.S. consumers own one. Instead of offering the totes you probably see every year at trade shows, try customized wine bags or cooler bags to add interest, value, and functionality.

2. Environmental Friendliness

As we enter 2017, we expect to see more and more people attempting to reduce their carbon footprint. Offering environmentally-friendly products lets people know your company is serious about it, and it’s something they reportedly value. Nearly half of today’s consumers (42%) have a more favorable opinion of a brand that offers environmentally-friendly promotional products.

If you’re looking for ideas, think of the ones listed below that are lightweight, cheap and easy to buy in bulk.

  • Eco-friendly ball pen
  • Kraft paper notebooks
  • Bamboo USB drive
  • Natural ingredient lip balm
  • Polypropylene salad bowls
  • Biodegradable tote bags

3. Digital

New digital products are being developed every day, making it easier than ever for brands to make more of an impact when it comes to communicating the brand message.

Showcase your brand’s digital-savviness with items like digital reward cards. With these items, you can give your customers free music downloads, travel deals, digital movie rentals, dining rewards and more.

Additionally, trade show professionals should keep an eye on the upcoming 2017 PPAI Expo, which always showcases the latest and hottest promotional products.

4. Personalization

At the end of the day, the best way to make a lasting impression is to offer unique and personalized products. With hundreds or even thousands of people at trade shows, you want to stand out from the crowd and make visitors to your booth feel important.

If you don’t know where to start, consider simple creative products like LED bracelets, customized bendable book lights or colorful custom shopping bags to attract more people to your trade show booth.

Final Thoughts 

While this is by no means a concrete list of promotion marketing products that will dominate 2017, we do expect them to be popular. To stay ahead of the competition, you should always be thinking of the next best way to stand out from the crowd and further your brand’s reputation.

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