3 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways Your Brand Can Make a Difference

How Wholesale Reusable Bags Can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Looking for Eco-Friendly Ways Your Brand Can Make a Difference?

So everyone seems to say they want to make a difference and some might even think that phrase is over used. Well here at Factory Direct Promos, we have big ideas and in fact we were founded on the big idea to help businesses do business “greener”.

From big sweeping transformations to small nuanced modifications, there are always new and exciting eco-friendly changes you can incorporate into your brand to make a difference. Large changes certainly deliver a wow factor, but don’t overlook smaller ideas. Over time small changes add up and can have a serious impact.

Here Are 3 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways Your Brand Can Make a Difference

  1. Spend Less on Energy. To do business in today’s world, you need to use energy and energy is a big expense – but it doesn’t need to be this way. Switch to LED lighting and watch your electric bill drop. Lunera Lighting recently partnered with San Miguel school in the suburbs of Washington D.C. to install ENERGY STAR-certified Helen Lamp SSL Downlight Retrofits. Over the course of a year the school’s energy consumption was reduced by 15.9 kWh, saving $2,100 annually. Not only does this retrofit help the school’s bottom line, but the quality of the lighting is markedly better, making this great decision in so many aspects.
  2. Create a Reusable Bag for Your Brand. Marketing is a necessary expense, and utilizing green marketing techniques will get your company noticed while also helping the planet. Opting to promote your brand with reusable bags constructed from recycled or sustainable materials is a responsible use of resources and a very green decision. Reusable bags eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags, making it easy for your customers to make green choices while also spreading your branding message. Since reusable bags typically last for 3 – 6 years this is a lasting change the will deliver green benefits for quite a while.
  3. How to Build a Better BrandStay Up To Date on Green Business Practices. There are so many great and informative green business blogs out there that will lay out green ideas and CSR concepts to help make your business a bit more eco-friendly. Going green is an ongoing practice and as technologies change there will always be new things you can do to up the green ante. The practices you have in place now may not be as effective or could even be obsolete in a couple years, so it’s important to read up to stay informed and learn about green advancements and how to make your business eco-friendly. You may also stumble across useful info and be inspired to make green changes you may not have learned out otherwise.

Build a Better Brand

There is a lot of value to implementing green practices into your business, from improving the reach and effectiveness of your marketing, to saving money and helping the planet. Reducing your energy use, marketing your brand with reusable bags and staying in the know regarding the latest in green business practices will allow your brand to make a difference.


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