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  • How to Save BIG on Eco-Friendly Bags for Your Business!

    Now through the end of the month, you can score a great deal on some of our staff's favorite eco-friendly bags as part of our latest eco special! For a limited time, you can secure a low price per bag that would normally only be reserved for orders over 25,000! If you have been wanting to place an order for any amount, now is the time to do it! This special is a bit more special than normal because we are featuring four different reusable bags.
  • Recycling is In Trouble. Here Is What Your Community Can Do!

    These are trying times for the recycling industry. A variety of challenges are forcing many facilities to close, and this ultimately impacts how trash and resources are handled. We covered the state of recycling in a post last week. Now, we want to look at solutions to help improve recycling rates and efficiency. Read on to learn how your community can make a positive impact on recycling.
  • The State of Recycling

    Recycling is a challenging business and many recycling facilities are facing an uncertain future. From contaminated materials to dropping resale prices and even complaints about noise from neighbors, more and more facilities are closing down. Find out what this means for the state of recycling going forward.
  • Latest News on Plastic Bag Bans in New York

    For 10 years now, New York has struggled with efforts to pass bag fees or even plastic bag bans. Every time it seems like a fee is inevitable, there is a setback that erases the previous plans. While efforts have stalled in New York City, cities and counties throughout the rest of New York state have successfully passed plastic bag bans and fees. We have written about the pros and cons of banning plastic bags in the past. Keep reading to learn more about the plastic bag ban movement in New York state and check out our map of plastic bag bans to learn about the global movement.
  • Get Our Favorite Reusable Bags at The Lowest Prices Ever Offered!

    For a limited time, we are running an eco-special on four of our staff's favorite reusable bags. When you place a minimum order of 250 bags by March 31, 2018 you can secure EQP (end quantity pricing) on these great reusable bags. Learn more about the reusable bags our staff chose to include in this eco special and how to go about customizing your bags.
  • What Are The Options for Apartment Recycling?

    Apartment recycling can be a challenge for both landlords or property managers and tenants. A solution that makes it easy and simple for tenants to collect recyclable items in order to later empty into a collection bin or dumpster has proven elusive. However, there are options for apartment recycling. Multi-family recycling options have proven to make the entire process easy and increase tenant recycling. Find out how to simplify apartment recycling with an easy, affordable and effective option.
  • Queen of England Bans Plastic Straws and Bottles But Forgets One Thing!

    Plastic straws and bottles will be phased out of all royal estates in a move intended to reduce the use of plastics. The Queen of England decided to take action after being inspired by veteran broadcaster and naturalist, David Attenborough.This move will certainly reduce the use of plastic, and as a result the negative environmental impacts; however, a lot of single-use plastics, like single-use plastic bags, will still be allowed. We think the Buckingham Palace needs their own custom reusable bags!
  • Why The Leading Recycler in Boston LOVES Plastic Bag Bans

    We have mentioned numerous times on our blog how difficult, inefficient and expensive it is to recycle plastic bags. Now one of the biggest recycling companies in Boston is speaking out and throwing their support behind the plastic bag ban movement. Single-use plastic bags are easy to recycle on their own, but the reality is these bags complicate the process and are not widely accepted in most recycling programs. When plastic bag bans go into action one business that benefits are recycling facilities. Learn more and find out just what sort of problems disposable plastic bags can cause in recycling facilities.
  • Will South Carolina Put an End to Plastic Bag Bans?

    Plastic bag bans are spreading throughout the country, but the plastic bag ban movement may be over in South Carolina just as things were getting underway. The South Carolina House of Representatives voted in favor of a bill that would essentially ban plastic bag bans. If approved by the Senate, the bill would become law and cities and towns would be unable to pass bag bans going forward.
  • Massachusetts Bag Ban Bill H 2121. What YOUR Business Needs to Know Now

    Plastic bag bans are growing throughout the world and now is the time to get ready because a bag ban may be coming to Massachusetts. Both residents and businesses will need to adapt to this new law. In a 13-1 vote, the Senate approved, Massachusetts bag ban known as H 2121, and referred the proposal to the committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. If approved, this would not be the first time a statewide bag ban has gone on the books as Massachusetts would join the ranks of the California bag ban.

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