The Role of Promotional Products in Event Marketing and Trade Shows

People walking through a convention center — trade show takeaway tips

Trade shows and industry events are an opportunity to connect with existing clients and vendors and forge relationships with new contacts. Attending trade shows can grow your business, and while trade show attendance has fluctuated in recent years, projections indicate a robust trade show market for 2024. Work events are hectic, and no matter how well you manage your time, you probably won’t get to everything you intended to before the show. Let your promotional products do some of the work for you and ensure people seek you out and remember you long after the event ends.

Competitive Landscape

Your clients have choices regarding who they do business with, and anything you can do to foster a good rapport between customers and your brand will be beneficial. Eco-friendly promotional products are an excellent way to connect with your customers. Branded gear is a constant reminder of your brand, and making an effort to choose something reusable or made from recycled or sustainable content shows that your brand is conscientious.

Promotional products can entice people to visit your trade show booth. Most attendees go to an event knowing they will pick up a lot of swag, so make sure your booth doesn’t disappoint. While having a promotional product is essential, having the right product for your brand is vital.

Selecting the Right Promotional Products

You know your target audience, which makes selecting a product that appeals to them easier. Promotional gear provides the most significant value when it gets a lot of use. Take the time to better understand your audience, the products they are likely to want, and the value of those products.

Order Early

The sooner you get your order in, the better. Ordering early ensures that you’ll still be fine if anything unforeseen happens. A lot of companies wait until the last minute to order, and we get it. Finalizing artwork and the product design can be time-consuming, especially if there are a lot of people who need to weigh in. Getting your order in as soon as possible ensures you are ahead of the rush and will have your products in plenty of time. Another benefit of ordering early is that you can use your new promotional products to promote the event and let people know your booth number.

Create a Buzz

Branded gear is vital at an event, but it’s also helpful leading up to the event. Get attendees excited about an upcoming trade show by giving a sneak peek of your promotional product on social media before the event. Give people a reason to stop by your booth because once they arrive, your team can give them the takeaway and have a conversion. You cannot convert attendees who don’t visit your booth.

Post-Event Follow-Up

A branded takeaway is going to continue to promote your brand after the event is over. Your customers will become more familiar with your branding message as they use your promotional gear, but they will also spread your message to a broad audience. Promotional products maximize your brand’s reach.

Keep some extra items on hand to send as gifts to any key players who could not attend. Send your promotional item with a note letting them know you missed them and offer to schedule a time to discuss anything they may have missed about a new launch or offering.

Start Planning Today

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to form relationships and expand your brand. Custom promotional products make connecting easy while providing a great return on investment, ensuring your message is carried on after the event ends.

Our eco-friendly reusable promotional products are designed to provide value for your customers and brand at your next event and beyond. We’ve been helping our customers create custom, reusable products for years and years, and we want to help you, too!

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