Why is Plastic Bad for The Planet?

Why is Plastic Bad for The Planet

Consequences of Single-Use Plastic

There has been a rash of animal deaths related to plastic trash. Five whales have died in as many months and once they are found, there is a huge amount of plastic, including single-use plastic bags, inside of them. Animals dying from plastic is a very real problem that can have a much larger impact. This all points to why plastic is bad for the planet.

How the Problem Starts

Sometimes litter happens because people are careless. Instead of taking the time to find a garbage can or recycling bin to properly dispose of items, some people just drop things on the ground or toss items into the water. Litter can also happen when items are blown out of recycling bins, garbage cans or trucks and even from landfills.

The lightweight construction of single-use plastic bags makes them a prime item to be lifted away from a landfill on a windy day. Where ever the litter originates, things just have a way of ending up in the water.

Unintended Mistake

When plastic debris floats in the water, the way it moves with the current can make it look similar to jellyfish or squid. This tricks animals into eating the plastic because they mistake it for prey. When enough of plastic and non-digestible materials end up in the animal’s stomach it can cause the animal to starve to death. This honest mistake is killing animals and can have larger consequences on other members of the food chain.

Causalities Rising

In March, a pregnant whale was found off the coast of Italy with 50 pounds of trash in the stomach. Both the mother and the baby were dead. Over two-thirds of the whale’s stomach was full of trash. This prevented nutrients from the food that was also ingested from reaching the bloodstream and keeping the whale and the baby alive. Both of them starved to death despite being healthy and having access to food.

I debated writing about this latest devastating death of a whale because it is so very sad. Again, another dead whale was found on the Italian coast with a stomach full of trash. The images in this article are graphic. This is just one more reason we all do what we do here at Factory Direct Promos. We have to work to decrease the plastic that is finding its way into our sea life and killing them.

In the past, I have written about why plastic bags are bad for the planet and these instances of animal deaths are further evidence of the problem with plastic. We need to remember that plastic is being eaten by the fish we eat, so our food chain is in trouble because of plastic. This is especially bad news as research has shown that there are hormone-disrupting chemicals in plastic.

Make a Difference

One of the reasons why we do what we do is to help reduce the damaging impacts of single-use items, like plastic bags. For almost 30 years we have been working to create reusable products that reduce trash. We take sustainability very seriously. During our time in business, we have earned several distinctions, including GOTS, Fairtrade, ISO 9001-2015, and FEDEX.

Shop our selection of reusable shopping bags for retail and marketing use and join us in making a difference to the planet and her people!


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