Wondering What Kinds of Plastic Bags Can Be Recycled?

What Kind of Plastic bags Can Be Recycled

Recycling is important, but it isn’t always easy. This is particularly true when it comes to plastic. Figuring out what items can be recycled and how to recycle those items can be a challenge. Making the switch to reusable grocery bags can help alleviate this challenge to a degree. Although, it isn’t very easy to eliminate all plastic from your life, know why recycling is so important and how you can find out what kind of plastic bags can be recycled.

Importance of Recycling

Recycling is the process of repurposing existing materials into new and useful items. This is important because it makes the best use of existing materials and keeps things out of landfills. Plastic is made from nonrenewable resources. When plastic ends up in a landfill it is lost to the manufacturing industry, which means to make new things from plastic more nonrenewable resources need to be used.

Plastic doesn’t belong in landfills because it does not safely break down. Rather, plastic will continue to take up space and speed up the process of the landfill reaching full capacity. Keeping plastic out of landfills helps to keep the landfills open and active longer.

Making Sense of Recycling

Plastic is difficult to recycle because not all programs and facilities accept all types of plastic. For instance, it is relatively easy to recycle glass because most recycling programs accept glass. Plastic can be tricky for consumers to recycle because it is also difficult for facilities to process different types of plastics for recycling. Film plastic and wraps, like single-use shopping bags, produce bags and even the cover over some types of yogurt or TV dinner-type foods are hard to process and can become tangled in the equipment.

There is a website intended to help alleviate the hassle of recycling plastic and make it easy to figure out what kind of plastic bags can be recycled. At Plastic Film Recycling, you can easily figure out what types of plastic film can be recycled and where these items need to go to be recycled.

Go Reusable Now

Plastic is a versatile and useful material that is a great option in lots of applications. Recycling plastic makes the best use of this material and means we can continue to use these resources again and again. Using less plastic is another way to eliminate the hassle of recycling while still making the best use of the materials available.

Reusable shopping bags are durable alternatives that can be used repeatedly and also can save you from the hassle of figuring out what to do with your collection of single-use bags. Sources like Plastic Film Recycling make it easy to understand how to recycle some of the more challenging types of plastics that you cannot easily avoid using.

Make a Difference

At Factory Direct Promos, we are serious about recycling and sustainability. This drives us and we are constantly looking for ways to further streamline our processes to further promote sustainability. We also enjoy helping our customers integrate sustainable practices into their businesses. Keep in touch and learn more about green news and happenings, like recycling tips and the plastic bag ban movement by signing up for our newsletter on this page!

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