Plastic Bag Alternatives

Plastic Bag Alternatives

How to Get By Without Plastic Bags

Between the increase in single-use plastic bag bans and more awareness about the problem with plastic, lots of people are looking for plastic bag alternatives. For a while, single-use plastic shopping bags seemed like a great option for carrying groceries home. The strength and convenience made them a great choice. However, it turns out that convenience came at a price. Many shoppers are looking to ditch single-use plastic bags in favor of reusable shopping bags that will not have damaging environmental impacts.

Plastic Bag Backlash

Single-use plastic shopping bags—whether grocery or convenience store bags—are made from natural gas and petroleum, both of which are nonrenewable resources. These bags are recyclable, however, it’s tricky to recycle these bags. Most recycling facilities do not accept these bags so people cannot simply toss these bags into a curbside collection bin. Furthermore, single-use plastic bags have a very low recycling rate, so many of these bags are more likely to end up in landfills or as litter. This is a shame because when that happens those nonrenewable resources are lost. In order to create more bags, more energy and nonrenewable resources must be used.

Plastic does not safely break down. When plastic ends up in a landfill or as litter it will break apart into smaller and smaller pieces of itself. Animals may eat this litter. In the case of marine animals, like whales that graze or skim eat, which means they swim through areas populated with prey with their mouths open, the animals sometimes end up with more than they planned on in their stomachs. Even much smaller marine animals can end up ingesting plastic after the pieces become tiny enough. If animals consume enough plastic it can be fatal, but studies show plastic can remain in the food chain as predators eat prey.

There are plenty of photos and videos, some of which can be graphic, showing flotillas of plastic and injured animals. This imagery has pushed people to seek out plastic bag alternatives.

Plastic Alternatives

The ideal plastic bag substitute needs to be able to handle the heavy lifting but also go easy on the environment while the bags can be used multiple times and last for years. Sustainable materials like cotton or jute are plant-based fibers that can be grown harvested and planted again. These bags can be recycled or possibly even composted when the time comes minimizing the environmental impact. Fabrics made from recycled plastic repurpose existing materials and make the most of the nonrenewable resources that went into the initial production.

Meet the Demand

Shoppers want to use less plastic and are open to single-use plastic bag alternatives. Your brand can help by creating and distributing custom reusable shopping bags. Reusable shopping bags are up to the task of providing your clients with an easy and effective way to carry their groceries and other purchases, while also working to spread the word about your brand. Customizing the look of your bag to feature your brand’s color, logo and other messaging ensures these bags function as a constant reminder of your business. As your customers use your branded bag you’ll gain mindshare as they’ll think about your brand while also increasing the exposure your brand receives.

Create Your Plastic Bag Alternative

At Factory Direct Promos we take sustainability very seriously. We have spent the better part of the last 30 years creating quality products for companies working towards reducing trash and helping the planet. Many people have a strong commitment to reducing the use of single-use plastics and these people are seeking out other options to replace disposable plastic bags. Your brand can help. Shop our selection of reusable shopping bags for retail and marketing that are the best plastic bag alternatives.


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