Single-Use Plastic Bags Banned In the U.S.

Finally! Single-Use Plastic Shopping Bags are Banned in the US!

It is with great excitement that—today, April 1—we tell you that the President today banned single-use plastic bags from the United States! The announcement was made earlier today at a press conference and according to the President, this ban will set the United States on a path toward sustainability.

The disposable bag ban is set to go into action on July 4, 2014, and will prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic bags at grocery and big box stores. Paper bags will be available for a 5-cent fee. Stores will keep the paper bag fee as it is intended to cover the expense stores incur when purchasing paper bags. Individuals on public assistance programs will be exempt from the fee.

This country-wide ban was modeled after the disposable bag bans currently in place in cities and towns across the U.S. and the hope is that we can continue to build on this success. This ban will certainly bring a lot of changes and alter people’s habits, but the implications on the environment will be incredible.

Considerations Concerning Manufacturing Jobs

The President addressed concerns about lost manufacturing jobs by explaining facilities that produce disposable plastic bags will receive tax exemptions if they convert to the production of thicker and more durable reusable shopping bags. These reusable bags must be labeled as recyclable so shoppers will be reminded to properly dispose of these bags.

Offering this incentive to manufacturing facilities is great news since many facilities will be able to alter the products they produce and jobs will be preserved without continuing to contribute to the waste problem.

Bag Ban Receives Positive Reception

ban plastic bags

Speakers at the press conference praised the ban for major benefits to the environment, significant cost savings in cleanup costs from plastic waste at all levels, and the creation of a new more sustainable bag industry.

Speakers included a variety of Congressmen, representatives from the bag manufacturing industry, the Grocers Association, and environmental organizations.

Everyone agreed that this ban would require some work and patience.

In the coming weeks, there will be initiatives aimed at teaching store staff about the ban and outreach programs for shoppers to explain how the ban will work.

April Fools! We may not be able to get an outright ban for the entire country, but someday we hope to see bag bans across all of America. In the meantime check out our bag ban map and join the movement!


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