What Are The Options for Apartment Recycling?

Reusable Recycling Bags Make Recycling Easy

Reusable Recycling Bags Simplify the Process

Apartment recycling can be a challenge for both landlords or property managers and tenants. A solution that makes it easy and simple for tenants to collect recyclable items in order to later empty into a collection bin or dumpster has proven elusive. However, there are options for apartment recycling. Multi-family recycling options have proven to make the entire process easy and increase tenant recycling. Find out how to simplify apartment recycling with an easy, affordable and effective option.

Modeling Apartment Recycling After Successful Programs

Curbside recycling collection programs typical for most single-family homes are extremely successful. The residents are given durable plastic bins which they use to collect recyclable items. On their designated garbage pickup day the resident places the recycling bin at the curb, along with their garbage, and sanitation workers collect the items.

The bins are an excellent solution for homeowners because they need a durable receptacle that sanitation works can pick up and empty. This type of program does not usually transition well for apartment or multi-family homes.

Addressing the Issues

A successful apartment recycling program needs to be simple to understand and easy to implement. Tenants need an easy way to collect their recyclable items and transport those items to a collection point, such as a large bin or a dumpster dedicated to recycling. The bins that work so well for homeowners fail in this instance.

These traditional recycling bins are large and bulky, which for homeowners with a garage or driveway is not an issue. Most apartment dwellers simply do not have the space, or a convenient space, to stash a recycling bin. With no easy way to get recyclable items from the home to the collection point, many tenants find it easier to toss their recyclables in with their garbage.

Reusable Recycling Bags are a Solution

Many landlords and property managers, as well as tenants, have found success with our reusable recycling bags. These durable bags fulfill the same function as the bins used by homeowners, but they address the space issue many apartment dwellers experience. The bags are compact, and they feature handles for easy carrying or for convenient hanging on a coat rack or in a pantry or closet.

Customizable Reusable Recycling Bags

All of our bags can be customized, so you can adjust the length of the handles or alter the size or anything else you can think up to improve the use and functionality of your unique reusable recycling bags. We also offer full-color printing on all sides, enabling you to include helpful reference info for tenants. Include a list of items that are recyclable, as well as items that are not recyclable. Include handy contact info and anything else that tenants may need to know.

Learn More and Request Samples or a Quote

Learn more about our reusable recycling bags, the design or ordering process or request samples and contact Factory Direct Promos today. Request a quote now on our reusable recycling bags and find out how simple and cost-effective this apartment recycling option can be!


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