The Features That Make Reusable Recycling Bags Valuable

Reusable Recycling Bags Make Recycling Easy

Find Out Why You Should Invest in Reusable Bags for Recycling!

Convenience is king, especially when it comes to making routine tasks easier for consumers to complete. One such routine task that most consumers take on is recycling. The recycling process isn’t cut and dry and everybody goes about it differently. Sometimes, it’s neglected altogether. In fact, the EPA estimates that 75 percent of the American waste stream is recyclable, with only 30 percent being recycled.

Sustaining and improving the environment for future generations requires an improvement in those numbers. Reusable recycling bags present a potential solution. Simplifying the recycling process from an individual level to the level of multi-family dwellings with reusable recycling bags provides value for consumers and brands alike.

Recycling bins can be underutilized because of the hassle that comes with them and a new option for recycling is long overdue. With this in mind, we recently outlined the benefits of reusable bags for recycling in multi-family dwellings. This time around, we have identified design elements of these reusable bags that will make a difference, as well as different aspects that should be considered when creating your unique bag.

Design Elements That Make a DifferenceThe Benefits of Reusable Recycling Bags for Multi-Family Dwellings

The options for designing reusable recycling bags set them apart from other options for recycling waste. It goes beyond style and appearance. These bags are not only customizable, but they are extremely functional as well.

There are three unique elements that make a difference:

1. Reinforced Handles

Handles are one of the main differentiators that separate reusable bags for recycling from the more common options. The handles are sturdy and withstand repeated use. Not to mention, there’s a handle on the bottom of the bag that makes proper, sanitary disposal simple and mess-free.

2. Instructions for Washing

To take reusable bags for recycling to the next level, instructions for proper recycling techniques, how to use the bag, and how to maintain the integrity of the bag, appear directly on them. Using these bags to roll out a new recycling system becomes considerably easier if consumers don’t need to search for directions.

3. Available Materials

There is a variety of eco-friendly materials that can be used to construct reusable recycling bags. Recycling exists as a widely-accepted green initiative, but it needs to be even more widely adopted in order to make a lasting impact on the planet. Not only do these bags make recycling more accessible, the bags themselves are recyclable as well.

Custom reusable recycling bags are good for the environment and tenantsThings to Consider When Producing Reusable Recycling Bags

The byproduct of getting out in front of producing these types of bags for recycling is being a leader in the industry and changing how recycling is done. Building a custom reusable bag for recycling is a unique opportunity. During the process of building your bag, there two crucial aspects to consider: your message and your audience.

Promoting recycling shouldn’t be difficult. The struggle arises when you have to identify who will benefit most from your bags and how you can reach them. For example, multi-family dwellings have a lot to gain from updated recycling options. Reusable bags for recycling are customizable to fit specific needs, and specific instructions that apply to unique subsets of customers can be promoted on the bags.

The Bottom Line

Simplifying options for recycling is done by employing and distributing reusable recycling bags. They provide a convenient receptacle for tenants, and your city gains more control over recycling. Consumers will be well informed, and the environment will reap the benefits.

Start the journey towards making recycling more convenient with a durable and useful product. Contact us today to explore the variety of options we have for reusable bags for recycling.


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