Latest News on Rhode Island Plastic Bag Bans

Two Rhode Island Cities Pass Plastic Bag Bans

A couple of the newest plastic bag bans in the U.S. are both in Rhode Island! Neighboring cities Middletown and Newport passed separate bans that both became effective on November 1, 2017. These Ocean State neighbors join the ranks of hundreds of other cities across the U.S. that have decided to invest in a clean future that is free from the litter of plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Ban Movement Growing

Plastic bag bans and bag fees are becoming more common in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Typically, the bans spread. Once one city or county passes a ban neighboring municipalities follow that lead. To see this pattern in action check out our plastic bag ban map. We track efforts, both successful and unsuccessful, to implement laws to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags.

Benefits of Bag Bans

The goal of plastic bag bans is to reduce the negative impacts caused by single-use plastic bags. These bags are made using non-renewable resources, so they are a drain on these resources. Recycling rates are very low, so these resources cannot be repurposed into useful products once they have been used. More often than not, single-use plastic bags end up in landfills or as litter. Banning plastic bags prevents the problem at the source.

Environmental Impact of Bag Bans

Plastic bag litter is particularly dangerous near the water. Discarded bags are a very real danger to marine animals who can mistake the bags are food or become tangled in the trash. As coastal cities both Middletown and Newport, Rhode Island saw the damage plastic bag litter causes in marine ecosystems. Banning plastic bags will not only keep their beaches and communities clean and safe, but will also help keep nearby areas free from litter, too.

Grocery Bag Alternatives

When plastic bag bans go into effect residents are left to find a new way to carry items home from the store. Reusable bags are the solution. It takes time for people to get into the habit of remembering to bring their reusable bags to the store, but once that habit is in place many shoppers find they prefer reusable bags to the disposable counterparts.

Reusable bags are better for the environment and they create an excellent marketing opportunity. Custom printed reusable bags are an effective promotional tool that can increase awareness and recognition of a brand.

Ditch Your Plastic Bags and #GoReusableNow

At Factory Direct Promos we have been in the business of creating completely custom reusable bags for over 20 years. During this time we have streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for our clients to design custom and eco-friendly promotional products.

Whether you do business in Rhode Island or other cities with bag bans consider creating custom reusable bags to fill the need residents have for grocery bags while also promoting your brand. To learn more or get started working on your own branded reusable bags get in touch and we can help you out!

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