Reusable Tradeshow Bags Stand Out With Latest Pantone Color Trends for 2021

Custom Branded Reusable Trade Show Messenger Bags

The Right Colors Ensure Your Reusable Tradeshow Bags Are Noticed

Custom reusable tradeshow bags are useful and proven to effectively promote your brand. The reusable nature of the bags ensures your branding message will get a lot of exposure, but you can help ensure your bag (and your message) is seen by selecting the right color.

Find out what colors are anticipated to be trending in 2021 and how these colorways can help your marketing efforts as your design reusable tradeshow bags.

Color Trend Spotting

At any given time, there are certain Pantone colors that are pushed into popularity.

Specific hues will be trending and in demand and turn up all over in a wide array of places and industries: like fashion, home decor, automotive, and more.

The folks at TEXINTEL reported on these popular Pantone hues that are expected to be trending throughout the spring and summer of 2021.

  • Pantone 14-3205: Pirouette
  • Pantone 16-0436: Pickled Pepper
  • Pantone 15-3716: Purple Rose
  • Pantone 16-1253: Orange Ochre
  • Pantone 13-5412: Beach Glass
  • Pantone 14-1050: Marigold
  • Pantone 18-4250: Indigo Bunting
  • Pantone 18-1552: Lava Falls
  • Pantone 13-0647: Illuminating
  • Pantone 16-4535: Blue Atoll
  • Pantone 11-0202: Baby’s Breath
  • Pantone 17-1221: Macchiato
  • Pantone 19-4105: Polar Night
  • Pantone 17-5104: Ultimate Gray
  • Pantone 18-0529: Sphagnum

pantone color trends for reusable bags 2021

pantone color trends for reusable trade show bags 2021

pantone color trends for reusable tradeshow bags 2021

Aligning your brand with trending colors will help your promotional items feel current, on-trend and stand out.

This increased attention will get more eyes on your branding message and help create a memorable promotional item.

Using Trending Colors to Your Advantage

Every detail, including the colors of the bag and the printing matter.

Taking the time to identify trends and incorporate these colors into your marketing materials also shows your customers that you are engaged with the times and you want to create something useful and visually appealing.

Well thought out and constructed recycled tradeshow totes will appeal to your customers and be something that they want to use.

Direct Factory Relationship

Designing and ordering reusable tradeshow bags can be an involved process, but we have found ways to streamline the process.

We own our factory and we work very closely with our manufacturing team.

This translates into significant savings in terms of time and money, and we pass these savings on to our customers.

We also offer different ways to order to best fit your unique needs. Our in-stock selection of bags are assembled and ready to be emblazoned with your custom artwork. This enables us to quickly turn your order around, so if you need custom reusable tradeshow bags right away, we can make it happen.

If you want to further customize the design of your bags or if you want to purchase a large quantity, we can make your bags to order. Our custom and bulk ordering options have a longer turnaround but offer a much greater level of customization and a lower price per unit.

Prioritizing Quality and Safety

Creating just the right reusable tradeshow bags for your business will convey your branding message.

Still, you must also do it in a way that is safe.

We take safety very seriously and we can help you choose the right fabric for reusable bags. We lead the industry in quality and safety with our certified lead-free reusable bags.

We Want to Help You Design Reusable Tradeshow Bags

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the business, like Whole Foods, The Home Depot, American Express, Pepsi, Bank of America, Carnival Cruise Lines, and more and we want to help you, too!

Shop our selection of reusable tradeshow bags and get your customized quote today!


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