New York Bag Ban Enforcement Begins Despite COVID! #BYOBagNY

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Plastic Bag Ban Finally Enforced in New York

Each single-use plastic bag ban takes a unique journey and those journeys are usually a lengthy process. New York’s bag ban is no exception, but the Empire State did encounter some unexpected twists and turns when the Coronavirus pandemic hit right as the bag ban was about to start.

We’ve followed New York’s ban on our interactive map of plastic bag bans in the United States, but now we want to review the details and explain how this ban benefits the planet, New Yorkers, and businesses.

Slight Change of Plans

New York was all set to implement their single-use plastic bag ban on March 1.

In order to give consumers and businesses time to adjust, the plan was to roll out the ban but not enforce the bag ban right away.

Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

While the ban was still in place, state officials decided to delay enforcing the ban. Many retailers continued to offer disposable plastic bags during this time. Opponents of the ban also used this time to attempt to overturn the ban altogether.

On Monday, October 19 New York’s bag ban became enforceable.

All impacted businesses now much adhere to the bag ban and any retailer found to be in violation can face penalties.

Plastic Is Bad for the Planet

Plastic bag bans reduce litter and plastic trash that is harmful to our planet, our people, and our wildlife.

Single-use plastic bags are difficult to recycle and many recycling programs will not accept them.

This means most of the thin, single-use, plastic film bags end up in landfills or as litter. Neither option is good and can have negative impacts on animals and their habitats, our foodchain, and ultimately the health of humans.

Bag Bans Help Your Business Too!

Bag bans definitely help the planet, but the NY bag ban benefits retailers and marketers too.

Plastic bag bans create a need for reusable shopping bags and reusable bags provide an amazing platform to promote your business.

Just look at these stats from our friends at Advertising Specialty Insititute (ASI):

  • Consumers hold on to custom reusable bags for an average of 11 months.
  • During that time, one promotional bag can provide up to 3,300 impressions.
  • The cost per impression for a $5 bag is less than 2/10 of one cent.
  • Half of the consumers say they will be more likely to do business with a brand that gave them a promotional bag.

Order Your Way

Your business has unique needs and we get it, so we make it easy to order quantities of reusable bags from a minimum of 250 to the millions.

We offer two ways to order: in-stock and custom/bulk.

Our in-stock bags are premade and ready to go. You just need to select the color, send us your artwork and we can customize these existing bags. This is ideal if you need a small quantity or if you need your bags right away.

Your custom bags will be made to order when you select our custom or bulk ordering option.

There are a couple of advantages when you use our custom and bulk services.

You can enjoy a greater level of customization. The customization can extend beyond printing your artwork. We can alter the design of the bag or you can completely design your very own bag.

You can add pockets or closure or anything else that will help the bags look and function just the way you like.

Bulk ordering also enables you to secure a great price for large orders, so you can make the most of your marketing budget.

Our custom and bulk ordering has a longer turnaround time, so you need to factor that in when placing your order.

Quality and Safety

Promotional products not only promote your branding message, but they also represent your business. The ideal bag will spread the word about your business, but it will also stand up to regular use and be safe to use. We have you covered and our bags are rigorously tested to ensure they are well-made and safe.

Some of the tests are bags undergo include:

  • Capacity Report
  • Dynamic Test
  • Toxin Test

We Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life

We’ve been in the business of creating custom, eco-friendly promotional products, like reusable bags, for over 10 years.

During that time we have helped our clients, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Whole Foods, American Express, The Home Depot, Pepsi, Bank of America, and so many more create bags that showcased their message.

We can help you, too.

Contact Factory Direct Promos today for your personalized quote on the best bags for retailers and marketers!


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