Massachusetts Plastic Bag Ban Bill H 2121 Moves Forward

Massachusetts Plastic Bag Ban Bill H 2121 Moves Forward

Will Massachusetts Be the Second State to Pass a Plastic Bag Ban?

Plastic bag bans in Massachusetts have been going strong, but recent developments could take things to a new level. A bill that cleared a legislative committee could ban single-use plastic bags at stores and restaurants throughout the Bay State.

Details of Proposal

If made official, Bill H 2121 would prohibit disposable plastic bags at retail establishments and restaurants. The bill also calls for paper bags to be made from recycled content. If approved, the plastic bag ban would go into action on August 1, 2019. Bill H 2121 would cover the entire state of Massachusetts and any previous bans or fees in place would be voided and those municipalities would be covered by the new ban.

Massachusetts Bag Bans

Over 60 towns in Massachusetts, including Boston, have approved measures banning disposable plastic bags. The recent interest in plastic bag bans started when Brookline passed a ban back in 2012. From there dozens of other cities and towns all across the state have decided to take action and pass plastic bag bans.

Long History of Plastic Bag Bans

Plastic bag bans are often thought of as a new trend, but bag bans originated in Massachusetts long before other cities took up the cause. Nantucket is often overlooked in the bag ban discussion, but in 1990 this 105 square mile island off the coast of Cape Cod passed a single-use plastic bag ban.

The landfill on the island was full and residents were faced with a problem in need of a solution. Carting trash off the island would be expensive, so generating less trash was a logical solution. Increased recycling and a law mandating bags are to be made from biodegradable materials proved to be an effective solution that has served residents and the community as a whole very well.

Benefits to Businesses That Market with Reusable Bags

Plastic bag bans cause shoppers to find alternatives to carry their good home from the store. For most shoppers that means reusable grocery bags. The durable construction of reusable bags means shoppers can use them again and again. One reusable shopping bag will last for years and do the work of thousands of single-use bags.

Reusable bags make great promotional products. These bags can be customized with artwork to turn them into highly effective promotional products. When shoppers carry a reusable bag branded with the marketing message of a business, that bag serves as a reminder to that shopper, but it also puts the info in front of a wide audience. From other shoppers to store employees everyone who sees the reusable bag will see the marketing info and become familiar with the brand.

Create Your Own Reusable Bag for Marketing and The Planet

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