Is My Reusable Shopping Bag Safe to Use During the Pandemic?

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Stay Safe and Flatten the Curve

The COVID-19 pandemic is understandably changing so many aspects of regular life. These changes were necessary to keep everyone safe and help slow and prevent the spread of this illness. However, things have been changing pretty quickly, and while a lot is known there is also a lot that is unknown.

One question that has been coming up a lot is if reusable shopping bags are safe. This does not constitute medical advice, but here is what we know about whether your reusable shopping bags are safe to use during Coronavirus.

Are Reusable Shopping Bags Safe?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is reusable shopping bags are safe when you routinely and effectively clean them. Reusable shopping bags are a relatively new habit for many people, so washing them seems like a hassle.

But consider that you should also wash other reusable items, like reusable water bottles and travel coffee cups. After you use these items you wash them before you use them again. This is also a good habit to form when it comes to reusable shopping bags.

Clean Your Reusable Shopping Bags

The more an item is used, the more likely it will come into contact with germs and bacteria. Washing items in warm water and using soap can effectively kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and anything else that comes into contact with your bags. Reusable shopping bags can be made from many different materials, and that material will determine the best way to wash your bag.

Disposable Items Are Not Necessarily Safe

There is a concern that if reusable bags are contaminated they could spread COVID-19. This creates a false sense of safety around disposable plastic bags. Disposable bags can also be contaminated. A lot of people may handle disposable bags before they reach the customer, so there is no advantage or improved safety in using single-use bags.

Researchers are looking into how long the Coronavirus can live on different materials. This is ongoing research and the info is changing. Right now, the best practice is to clean items to ensure they are safe. Reusable bags are a safe option when they are cleaned.

Plastic Is Bad for the Planet

There is a faction out there that is pushing a false narrative and even perhaps trying to increase fear among consumers that reusable bags are not safe. This is perhaps to fulfill their agenda. This harms not only the environment and her wildlife and ocean life but also her people.

Check out our next post in which we will go further into the agenda and the lengths that the Plastics Industry will go to continue to harm this planet and her people with propaganda.

Go Reusable Now

Reusable shopping bags are not only safe but there are a lot of benefits of marketing with reusable bags. Lots of consumers own reusable shopping bags and people who own branded bags are more likely to do business with that brand.

Reusable shopping bags also deliver a great return on investment. We make it easy to create your own customized reusable bags.

We’ve been helping our customers navigate the different materials, styles, and more to create their very own custom reusable bags for over 10 years. Design a customized bag for your organization and create a walking billboard for your brand that will be used, appreciated, and create more business.


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