5 Ways to Keep Your Reusable Grocery Bags Clean

5 Ways to Keep Your Reusable Grocery Bags Clean

5 Simple Steps to Clean Reusable Bags

Reusable grocery bags are good for the planet and your business. These well-constructed bags are made from recycled or sustainable materials and they reduce the need and use of disposable plastic bags. When customized with your branding information, reusable grocery bags also make excellent marketing tools that get the word out about your company. Reusable grocery bags require maintenance to keep them clean and in good, usable condition.

The Importance of Clean Reusable Grocery Bags

Are grocery bags unhealthy? People have been asking that question since information spread that using reusable grocery bags increases illness and even death. This has been debunked as a lie. Still, it is important to keep your bags clean.

Sometimes food packaging leaks and the material used to construct the reusable grocery bag may absorb bacteria from uncooked food. This can be in the form of juices from raw meat, but there can even be salmonella on produce which can transfer to a grocery bag. If bacteria is on your reusable grocery bags, it is possible that bacteria could transfer to other items stored in the bag. This is why it is important to keep reusable bags clean – just as you would the surface of the counter if you put the items on it that that may be leaking.

5 Steps to Keep Your Reusable Grocery Bags Clean

If you have ever wondered, “How do I keep my reusable grocery bags clean?”, here are five simple steps to follow

  1. Wash and Dry Your Bags

    Some reusable grocery bags can handle a spin in both a washing machine and dryer. Some loose weave fabrics made from materials like jute or bamboo may be too delicate for a washing machine. When in doubt, wash your favorite bags by hand.

    Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and detergent, submerge the reusable grocery bags and make sure they are saturated. Swish them around in the water and if there are stains use a nylon bristled brush to scrub away any dirt or grime. Empty the sink of soapy water, and rinse the bags until there is no soap left in the material.

    Some reusable grocery bags can handle the dryer while others cannot. If the dryer is not an option, reusable grocery bags can be air dried either on a clothes line or a drying rack.

  2. Quick Clean Your Bags

    If you are tight on time you can always spot clean your bags if you notice a stain. You can also use a disinfectant spray or wipes to kill any germs or bacteria. If you use a disinfectant spray make sure to thoroughly spray the bags and spread them out so they can dry before putting them away.

  3. Use Specific Bags for Specific Tasks

    Some people have lots of reusable bags, and these bags can be handy to use for other tasks besides grocery shopping. Designate some bags for grocery shopping and only use those bags for that purpose. Designate different reusable bags for other tasks and only use them for those tasks. For instance, if you use a reusable bag to carry dirty gym shoes and clothes home, do not ever use that bag to tote groceries home.

  4. Make Your Reusable Grocery Bags Product Specific

    Give each of your reusable grocery bags a specific purpose. Use one bag for meat, another for produce, a different bag for frozen items and so on. This may take some coordinating when you pack your reusable bags at the store, but it will help ensure that nothing spreads from one bag to another.

  5. Spread the Word

    Many shoppers are new to using reusable grocery bags, so help them out and print care instructions on the bag. If you want them to be unobtrusive, you can print these tips on the inside or even the bottom. When your customers understand how to care for their bags they will be more likely to do so, and they will also appreciate that your brand took the time to provide these tips.

Clean Planet and Clean Bags

It takes time for shoppers to get use to remembering their reusable grocery bags, and it will also take time for shoppers to get into the habit or cleaning their bags. Ultimately, these habits are easy to form.

Reusable grocery bags are a benefit to your marketing, the planet and consumers. Please feel free to fill out a quote request or contact Factory Direct Promos today to create your custom reusable grocery bags.


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